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When Godfrey left this world, he left a child growing inside Sophia. He wanted her to marry his brother so she’d be safe and sound, and Sophia’s marriage to Jonathon is based on necessity, not love...or so they think. When a tragedy strikes their marriage of convenience, they might find themselves closer than they’d expect.

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It went well. 3  3

It's one of the usual, hero takes on the role of being caretaker with the heroine being pregnant and all with his older brother's baby. And by being the caretaker means being the husband because it was also the last wish of the dead brother for the both of them to marry. The hero is already in a bad mood with how things came to be: his brother abandoning his wife, family, and inheritance to disappear for three years. During that time, he got an 18 year old girl pregnant. Yeah, the hero is right on how bad it is but the heroine strikes him when he calls the brother selfish because he doesn't know the brother saved the heroine from being attacked. When the two are alone, the hero expresses his anger toward the brother was because if the brother had never informed the hero of the heroine's existence then the heroine would have been left behind penniless with a child on the way. He also states that he loved his brother and after all that time of searching, he finally found him only to lose him for good. The heroine learns from the secretary that the her was married before but his wife betrayed him horribly and he wouldn't have married again had his brother not asked him. Sadly, the heroine suffers a miscarriage and our couple console each other in the loss of the brother's child. The heroine opens up about her abusive past by her stepfather and how the brother saved her from him. They stayed married for six more months and the hero finally asks her about making their marriage real because he's fallen for her but they are interrupted by the hero's manipulative ex-wife. The two fight and end it on bad terms but the heroine realizes that she has fallen for the hero. The heroine is encouraged by the hero's wise secretary that the hero loves her and the hero is encouraged by his mother to not give up on her. As the heroine runs off to find the hero, she runs into the ex-wife and has some witty throwbacks at the woman's venomous words. The two tell each other their love for one another and begin their relationship anew. A year later, we see them holding their new baby boy. It was a nice ending.

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