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Dani will do anything to keep her job, so she has no choice but to do as her boss says and sign up on a rival dating site. She did everything she could to avoid any suitors pursuing her, believing every man out there would be after only her body. But when she’s forced to go on a date with a man who isn’t what he seemed, she can’t help but be drawn to him. He shows more interest in her mind than her body, but as much as she wants to be with this man, her current situation won’t allow her to do as she pleases. Dani might be able to find a way around her problems…but will she be ready for what’s still to come?

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good plot 4  4

This was one of the more interesting stories with the hero and heroine. The heroine works at a website whose name, "Hookamate" describes what kind of services they give. Now, her bad boss wants her to spy on a "rival website" in order to get the inner details. It's actually a website where people want to have coffee and dinner with the notion of a long term relationship. I'm trying to think what kind of a website that focuses on bed-play activities wants with a website that does the opposite. Then we learn it's because the hero and the boss were former colleagues that worked on a website together but they became rivals and the boss uses any means necessary to one up the hero (it's probably because he never wins). The heroine can't say no because she's the sole breadwinner for her entire family and despite her wide job search with a MBA and job experience at her side still can't get a job. She does quietly retaliate by swiping left on every guy nor putting effort into her picture. Unfortunately, her actions catch the hero's attention and goes undercover to investigate. They meet and actually become attracted to each other's opinions and faces. The heroine tries to resist but it gets harder with the hero pushing for the next date and the boss breathing down her neck. The heroine gives into the dates and finds she shares a lot with the hero from bad models of marriage, younger siblings, etc. She finds herself in love and unable to hide she's a spy. She confesses to who she really is and the hero confesses his undercover. To say that neither take the news well and it puts the main couple on the rocks but only for a bit. They decide to pursue relationship discreetly but a photo in the paper ruins it all. The boss now wants her to ruin the hero but she doesn't want to. So, he dangles her job and she tells the hero everything. He tries to help but ends up with her getting fired and fired at the hero for interfering. They separate with hearts broken but the hero is encouraged by his father to go after the heroine. He goes to her and makes a sweet speech of how he loves her and wants to marry her. The heroine accepts his proposal and it's a happy ending.

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