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Katie, an aspiring artist, has the good fortune to land a house-sitting gig in a mansion for a wealthy client. But the day she arrives, laughing with her friend as they carry in her luggage, a handsome man shows up and snaps at both of them to be quiet. Katie did hear that a high-strung billionaire lived next door… Could it be him? No way. That afternoon, Katie is sketching in the garden when she decides to climb a lilac tree to prune a branch, only to fall into the yard next door…and straight into the arms of her cranky neighbor!

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quick but average 3  3

The story wasn't bad, just average. It starts out with the heroine and hero being neighbors as the heroine housesits. The two get on the wrong foot and it stays that way for a bit. What with the hero dealing with major problems at work have left him with the attitude of a grumpy bear. The heroine is dealing with a professor who's getting too friendly but tries to blow it off, despite her friends' warnings. Then there's a short hot moment between the hero and heroine that ends quickly when she learns of his true identity and the fact she said insulting things about him to his face. So, he concocts a plan of getting some time alone with the hero over a scholarship thing that the professor took the initiative to send in a reference and application without the heroine's consent. The heroine is insulted but the hero promises not to get in her way if she only wants to paint. Her resistance fails pretty quick and she falls into bed with the hero. They open up about their past like the hero being once a poor researcher till he made a big discovery. The heroine opens up too but not about everything. Sadly, their vacation is being stalked by the OW who has set her eyes on the hero(his monetary value) a long time ago. She manipulates the heroine into believing the lies and threats of posting pictures she took to the press. When the hero tries to talk to the heroine but she refuses to hear anything he says. The heroine panics and leaves in a hurry. She heads back to the college where the professor corners her about how she "owes" him for all he did for her. When he knocks her down, the hero barges in and rips the guy off the heroine. He punches and makes promises of what he'll do to the professor if he threatens the heroine. Next, he takes her home where he explains the OW's manipulation and the work problems are over. The heroine opens up about her scar from being attacked by a bull as a child that led to the divorce of her parents because of who blaming who. He confesses his love to the heroine and asks her to marry him. She says yes and we get a happily ever after.

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