Pure Romance A TAIL OF LOVE

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It’s been four years since they separated, and Rick has become even more handsome and refined, thriving in his new career as an attorney. Isabelle realizes that she has fallen in love with him again, so when she learns that he is to marry another woman, her heart sinks. No matter how many times she reminds herself that he threw her away to chase his dreams in the city, she can’t shake her feelings for him. And it seems that Rick has the same feelings for her! Is it already too late? Or could this be another chance to rekindle their love?

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3.5 three perspectives 4  4

In the story, we have three different views: the heroine's, the hero's, and the beloved dog. The dog wants to get her separated owners back together because she sees they're perfect for each other and has enough intelligence to conspire in being their cupid. She of course has no idea of why they broke up in the first place, which to me was very interesting. Four years ago, the hero quit his dream job of being a yacht designer to go into law out of the blue. The heroine and his father believed it was all about the money and fame but they never sought to ask/listen to the hero of why he was doing it in the first place. To me, it seemed peculiar to have a person suddenly drop a profession they loved waking up in the morning to do a totally different job. If it were me, I would have at least asked or listened as to why they would go through the work and the tuition payment of becoming a lawyer (It is not cheap when learning to be a lawyer.) Not to mention that the hero was impressive with not only graduating law school (average 3 years), passing the bar exam (amount of studying is 1 year) and becoming such a great lawyer in a short amount of time that the boss wants him to marry his daughter. After four years, the hero and heroine run into each other when the hero is engaged to his boss's daughter. They play the usual "I'm over" card but it's painfully obvious to see they're still in love with each other. This is where Cupid and her genius comes in: she rips up the carpet that pushes the heroine to get a job with a friend who caters to the hero and fiancee and it prompts the heroine to ask the hero to ask over the dog at his place, while she works because then the dog can get in and hide the fiancee's picture and bring out their old pictures. We discover through the heroine later on after a huge fight with the hero (where she doesn't even listen to the man) with clues as why he became a lawyer. Apparently, the two volunteered their time at a camp for disabled children when a patron left behind a huge inheritance for the children. Her greedy relatives swooped in to stop it. The heroine remembers the hero being so angry over the injustice and realizes the big case he's been working on is the one from four years. The heroine is so ashamed over her behavior to the hero, she can't bring herself to see and apologize. So, the dog takes matters into her own hands by running after the hero. Unfortunately, the dog has no idea of how great the distance is between the hero and the heroine. Her disappearance does spur the hero and heroine in searching for her together. When they find her together, the hero confesses he broke up with the fiancee because he's still in love with the heroine. She admits her wrongdoings (I was kind of hoping for the "I'm sorry") and confesses her love to the hero. Then we get the great ending and that's that. It was a nice story.

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Good story... disappointing at the end 4  4

The first 50 pages really made me want to know what happened. At first I thought they were married and were "separated" but still they had a dog/child together. It was different and interesting how this was told through the eyes of the dog half of the time and really made me want to read it more. It was a good pace and thought this was one of the 145 pages books. So that was a plus. And how Isabelle and Rick would interact with each other was very realistic. I had no idea if they were actually going to end up together in the end or not, which made it more suspenseful. But something made me not want to rent it forever and only just for 1 day. And that was the ending. it felt very rushed as if they realized they took up most of the space for the emotional connection and story but haven't gotten to the conclusion yet. I guess thats why there were some people who rated it as 1 and 2 stars but others 4 and 5 for the most part. Anyway, I thought I should write this for people like me who rely on the rating and reviews of these books before purchasing it. Hope this helps.

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