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Three years ago, Meg fled her home, unable to fully trust her husband, Jake. Today she's a made a life for herself in Melbourne as a designer. Just as Meg finds some peace and stability, Jake arrives at her doorstep. He desperately wants to know why Meg left. "It's because you were always out working... I grew lonely, that's all." The explanation fails to convince Jake, but Meg can't possibly tell the truth—if she does, it will destroy everything between them.

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The hero wasn't entirely at fault 3  3

The hero and heroine were in a married till other forces (hero's high nosed mother and his best friend) cooked up lies to the heroine that made her disappear from the hero's sight. They run into each other three years later and the hero is there to get her back but he lies about moving on and it's a stupid move. It's because the heroine wants to meet the woman and he has to bring one of his friends to play the part with all expenses paid. The only thing she bought up of why she left was being left alone in the house all the time, not about what the mother and best friend said. Then the hero gets the surprise when he sees the heroine's little boy and suspects it's his best friend because in his head, she would have never left him if it was his. It doesn't help that she gives vague response and he runs off with the heroine thinking that he's rejecting their child. Then the fake girlfriend/real friend comes along and the hero's ex-best friend who's all hugs on the heroine. She doesn't mind it but the hero sure does and dinner becomes a spectator's watch. When the hero and heroine are alone, they have an intimate moment but then have a fight with only vague stuff. However, the hero is able to figure out that the fault lies in the friend and mother. So, he goes to the friend and gives him a black lies for the lies he told him and calls his mother to confront her on behavior. He's able to deduce the woman did it because she mixed her feelings of rejection that the heroine's father gave and turned her animosity to the heroine. The next morning, the heroine waits for the hero to talk but gets a friend who shows up with his black eye. He's about to reveal his lie to the heroine when the hero and his "girlfriend" show up (The man couldn't have picked a worse time). To shorten the get together, the hero finds out the boy is his after the heroine shouts out that the it is his and the hero sees the big screw up. Personally, I don't think the heroine was ever told by the friend about his lies to the hero and her. He spends days figuring out the get in the heroine's good graces till the real friend gives him an opportunity. He has her come to their house and she sees how the place has been neglected but the hero says he couldn't bear to sell the home. The two talk and finally have a talk out where it's clear to both that they still love each other. We end it on an okay note with the hero and heroine are living happily with their little boy and another on the way.

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