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Love is a race, and Luke and Cecile are chasing destiny! But when Cecile gets her dream job working in the news, she’s faced with a tough obstacle: her coworker Luke might be her dream man, but her company's guidelines prevent them from pursuing a relationship. What’s the gold cup for Cecile? The boss she’s wanted to work for all her life—or the man of her dreams?

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Worth the rent. 4  4

SPOILER ALERT: I’m just a bit peeved with our hero in this story. Our newly hired heroine has just arrived at her dream job, only to find – after being warned by the boss that relationships between coworkers are forbidden – that she’s working under the man she fell for and got intimate with at her sister’s wedding. As Best Man and Maid of Honor, they had had to interact, and as the only two mature singles in the wedding party, they had something in common, but not interested in a fling, our heroine tried very hard to keep her distance. The hero, on the other hand, was just as dedicated to getting closer. When a chance meeting as they leave the venue pairs them again, she goes home with him and writing it off as wine and the magic of weddings, does what she knows she ought not. The next morning, she leaves him sleeping knowing he can get her information through the groom. Days(?) later, when he doesn’t contact her, she has writes him off as an unfortunate fling and reports for her first day working for a woman she has respected for ages. Her boss very pointedly warns her about relationships being “strictly prohibited”, but the heroine is certain that won’t be a problem until she meets her supervisor for the first time at a project meeting! At the meeting, in front of the other employees, the hero acts like they are meeting for the first time, but when the meeting is over, he calls her to his office and they have it out. He wants to know why she left without saying something; she says morning pillow talk is awkward. She wants to know if she knew he would her supervisor when he seduced her. No, he found out after the fact. Then, if he was interested, why didn’t he use the info on her resume to contact her? It was an accident, she decides, and they need to back off and abide by the company ‘no fraternization’ rule. He agrees, and they talk about the project, but before she leaves, he tells her that since she didn’t leave a note, he thought she wanted nothing more to do with him. If she HAD left her number, he WOULD have called. The hero has been hinting from the first he’s met her, that he’s not interested in just a fling with her, but she is being oblivious. Later she is venting to a friend, her friend tells her SHE needs to apologize to the HERO, that she was incredibly rude, especially if he wasn’t after a one-night stand. The heroine goes from oblivious to stubborn, but the hero starts very suavely reneging on their agreement. He starts by sweetly pressuring her to attend a party being held by the newlyweds, and the heroine compares the hero to “chocolate cake on a diet. It’s so attractive, you can’t resist it… but if you touch it, you’ll regret it.” At the party, while pondering what she wants, the hero comes on to her again and offers options – deepen a secret relationship or keep their distance. She suggests friends with benefits, but he says no. He has a dream, so fearing she might get hurt, she says let’s keep it professional, but at work even just being near each other is unnerving so their distance doesn’t last long. When she’s late for an off-site meeting, the hero invites her to his hotel room to eat and catch up, and he convinces her they have something worth pursuing, so that is what they do, the hero promising to protect her. She reveals her secret to family when they next visit, but at work, it's being hidden by white lies and the heroine is stressed by it every day. This is where I got so peeved at the hero. While she’s stressing everyday and turning down his invitation to live with him, and unable to make a serious commitment because she’s terrified of losing her dream job if they are discovered, it turns out he had talked to the boss before the heroine even walked in the door, letting the boss know he started a relationship with the heroine before he knew she’d been hired. Instead of forbidding the relationship’s continuation, the boss put it on probation. If he let it affect his work, he was fired. Don’t you think if she had known, it might have changed everything? But he didn’t say a word. Things come to a head when the heroine asks time off for a dress fitting for a best friend’s wedding during a big project, and he grants it. Before she leaves, they get together and she makes her confession of love, and he returns it. At the big event, she meets all her responsibilities before she leaves, but as soon as she is gone, things go awry, and afterword he is called on the carpet for his poor judgment. When she gets back, she’s called in. Boss says she turned a blind eye to their relationship, but by the heroine putting her personal desires over the project and the hero letting her, the project took a hit. She’s putting both on notice. This sends the heroine fleeing from the commitment she was about to make, and the hero – hurt that he’s not enough for her – accepts her decision. Trying to commiserate with friends, she instead gets good advice that opens her eyes as to how serious she is about the hero and that she needs to be the one doing the pursuing this time. At the wedding, she finds the hero and proves she’s ready to commit regardless of the consequences by purposing to him and says she’ll be telling their boss the same. That’s when she finds out the hero was already fired and this is when we find out just how subtly manipulative our hero can be. He’s already made a plan to save her job, their relationship, and everything, so we get our happy ending with a new proposal and a ring. It’s quite romantic. All in all, it was a nice story and I really enjoyed the art. I’m glad I rented it.

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