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Single mother Freya Jenson was living the life with her beautiful son, Nicolo, enjoying a job with the perk of a nursery for her temperamental two-year-old—even if he’d rather be at the pond feeding ducks. But when her new boss turns out to be Enrico Ranieri, she's forced out of her job and into a loveless marriage! They have a history together filled with mistrust and pain, but can they find a future with mended bridges and a happy home for Nicolo to enjoy?

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Nicky is getting old. 3  3

I don't mind the name Nicky, however, it's the most common name used to name little boys in Harlequin romances. Why can't anyone change that. So, the heroine meets the hero, the father of her child, who apparently found the heroine in bed with the his creep of a cousin but the picture the heroine in tears not in pleasure. However, the hero didn't see it and kicked her out. The heroine had her baby and after some years, the boy should be four years old to be speaking in complete sentences, they meet again. The heroine walks away from the hero but is stalked by one of the bodyguards of the hero. It turns out that the hero is the big boss. I do love the little boy because he's so cute and funny. The heroine confronts the hero after she gets a call from the company's nursery of a huge man (the hero's bodyguard) is standing in the nursery. The was funny to look at. The hero had some backbone in confronting him. I didn't like how the hero just fired her from her job. I did give some brownie points for the heroine from not backing down after that. Yet, she lost them when she allowed the hero who kicked her out and didn't even listen to her side of the story put his hands all over her. I'm glad that they didn't go too far. I loved how Nicky called the bodyguard monkey. The scene between Nicky and the Hero was adorable. I was shocked that the hero told the heroine to get ready in ten minutes and that they'll marry right in front of the heroine's coworkers. Their reactions were funny. I think that the hero is deaf, I mean literally. When the hero confronts him and tries to communicate with him, it's like he doesn't understand what she is saying and that becomes so pushy like taking all her stuff out of her apartment without her permission. Not to mention when she told him that the stuff in his huge mansion that she pointed out previously would be broken by her son. Guess what the Hero says: we can move to a bigger place. That is so stupid. I do like that instead of usual female housekeeper, it's a guy who is nice to the heroine. I do like that the boy gets fussy because it shows the hero the rarity of raising a child. I like the hero spends time with Nicky. I felt sorry that the heroine din't have much to do but the woman is an adult and it was letdown to have her suddenly go shopping for fancy clothes. Then the heroine picks up her son and they don't come back till evening, which really ticks off the hero. He shouts at her in front of his son. The scene becomes because he says that he doesn't trust her. How he can not? She said that she went shopping for clothes with her son and has the bags to prove. Plus, if you look at your receipts or your bank account you can tell the date and time of when the clothes were bought. And if you really want to get obsessive jerk: check the video security footage at the stupid stores. I have to admit, how can the hero not trust the heroine when she was been raising a good little boy with manners for a two year old. And another thing is that the boy is two: a two year old being able to speak in complete and full sentences is over the top. After that, the hero hires a nanny without the heroine's opinion and tells the heroine that she will sleep in his bed. I can't believe that after all the hero said earlier, he still wants her to sleep with him. And when he pulls away from, he asks "What's bothering you so much?" Hmmm. Do you really want me to answer that. They both lost brownie points from me because what the hero said and the fact that the heroine allowed him to have sex with her. On the day of the wedding, the heroine gets all from the creepy cousin threatening to sell false stories to the paparazzi if she doesn't do what he tells her to. The ending was good but the fact that the hero didn't grovel enough had me on edge.

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