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Laura has long dreamed of marrying Tom, an old family friend who is a distant relative on her mother’s side. But he’s always seen her as a sister. Then one day, it’s discovered that her father has committed a crime! Concerned for her sickly mother, Laura agrees to a proposal from her father’s boss, Randal—in exchange for sweeping her father’s embezzling under the rug, Laura has to agree to marry his boss!

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Hmmm I think Randal has a LOLI complex 4  4

The beginning of the story peaked my interest. It was coy and unique in a way. Tom and Randal are complete opposite which sort of falls in the stereotypical stories such as Hana Yori Dango and the likes where the female heroine first falls for the gentle prince type but soon after realize they like jerks.. I mean the tsudere or the dark prince one who kept forcing themselves and gets away with it because well theyre rich, charismatic and handsome. I mean shes 20 and he's 37 and he kept talking about his obsession for "pretty things" and many times shes been described as "cute" " doll like" and beautiful/ pretty. The story has its merit and the art is very nice. I just felt really bad for Tom but i must admit I like how active Randal is in showing his jealousy though a bit scary because he seems rather obsessive. Oh second thought actually he is kinda scary. Hmm but everything works out for him because he's gorgeous and super rich. This would all be differnt if he was fat and unattractive. But he isnt and hey its a harlequin..

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Eh... not as bad as I thought it would be 3  3

This one had an average of 3 stars so I was sure it was going to be absolutely horrible since nothing is below a average of 3 here... anyways, I ended up giving it a 3 which won't help up it's average in any way but compared to others with 3 stars on this site, it's better. The lead female acted much younger than her age and threw herself at her relative (cousin) which she had a crush on in quite embarrassing ways (I said "ways" on purpose meaning she didn't learn the first time). She kept a locket with her cousin's picture in it when she married the male lead (not the cousin)... until he found it after she continually clutched it during their honeymoon and the male lead tossed it in a lake. Her personality is horrible. She has mini tantrums at everything and is purposely rude which just comes off bratty she acts this way all the time except with the cousin she is infatuated with. It takes her continually being ravished by the male lead and her body to become spoiled and then her nightly romp to be taken from her for her to realize that she has fallen in love with her husband... that would actually be comical if it wasn't insinuating that all a man has to do to jump start a relationship is force their way into the persons bed a few times then take it away and the woman will come to realize she loves you. The lead male was a piece of work... but he was fun to read about even though his taste in women bordered on the criminal (her personality and looks puts her at a 13 - 16 year old level even though the manga did say she was over 20). Overall, I enjoyed reading the story. I'd say coming into this manga with low expectations is the way to go, then you'll leave pleasantly surprised it wasn't as bad that you thought it would be. Though I would only say it's about average as far as the harlequins go, the art was good and the story when taken lightly can actually be humorous at times.

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