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Bella finds herself at F1 racing king Gabriel Danti’s house after accepting a friend’s party invitation. The beautiful scenery on the outskirts of London can’t compete with the noise of the party, though. And she can’t find Gabriel, the beloved international celebrity, either! But while looking for a bathroom, lo and behold she finds the gorgeous man tucked away in the house. He woos her and, her head in the clouds, Bella goes to bed with him. Never thinking it might be the last time they ever speak...…

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It was stop and go and stop. 2  2

The way it felt in the book was pushing the gas pedal then the brake pedal. It was a bit silly. The story starts off with the hero and heroine reuniting after five years. The heroine remembers that they had a wonderful one night stand that could have turned into more if the hero hadn't gotten into the accident. The heroine did let me down a bit when she heard tried to call the hero only once right after the accident. I admit that the ex-girlfriend publicly broadcasting that the accident was her fault for two men fighting over her. However, the man was in a serious car accident that ended the life of his best friend and his career. So, of course he would be depressed and not taking calls. The heroine is a bit unreasonable because when the sister leaves the hero with the heroine a few minutes after their reunion, the heroine asks," why does she (heroine's sister) get these ideas into her head?" Well, it seems that she wasn't told by you of the hero's lasting impact on the heroine. The heroine has a lot of bite towards the heroine, noted that she needs it. Yet, it feels like it a little dog's annoying bite. The heroine did leave it at that at the end of the discussion more adult like. When the heroine contemplates on telling the hero or not about their son, she does leave some good points. For example, he might reject their son or take their son away from them Yet, the hero didn't leave that impression of oversized male ego at the party nor forgetful playboy. The fact that the heroine is hiding the hero's child is just so old fashioned and silly that I don't like it. If she really wanted to hide the child, she wouldn't have taken him to the wedding and then lead him with her brother, increasing the chance that the hero would spot him. It doesn't make sense at all. When the heroine is talking to the hero and his father, the son comes up and both men instantly see the resemblance. If she was trying to hide, again; don't take him to the event where the hero will be. The hero's father gets dizzy, which has the heroine's father who is a doctor examine him. I like how the hero was attentive to his father. I think that one of the most surprising thing was the father of the heroine taking the whole meeting the father of his grandchild to a new level of calm. We find out that the heroine kept the identity of father from her parents. It makes a little sense but not enough because the father acts really good. The heroine just looks and acts so weak-willed that you would think she's the one who's going to have a heart attack. I didn't like the heroine's thoughts stating that the hero loves no one, did she not see how the hero was fussing over his father's wellbeing? I love the interactions between the hero, hero's father, and the son. It's so cute. I swear the fathers of the couple had better talks than those two. I didn't like it that the heroine's father told her,"Go talk to Gabriel". It felt like a order and I would have used different wording. Then there's the usual fighting and it's ridiculous because it ends with the usual phrase,"I'll go to court" that won't happen if there's a wedding involved. The wedding happens and the hero and heroine go on a honeymoon but the heroine had no idea of it. This is where the heroine loses brownie points from me. In the first twenty-fours hours of this honeymoon, she has found nearly every possible way to make small talk into a huge volcano of fighting. The hero is earning brownie points from me because he's being an adult, he thanks the heroine for having the son and cooks dinner for her on their first honeymoon night. She whines about the plane, the helicopter, the island, etc. It's boring and old and the way she growls at him is no different from a little animal. The only time when they seem to make a connection is after sex. The hero finds out that the heroine had a c-section and freaks out, thinking that she could really get hurt from it all. Then almost makes a mad dash to call the helicopter to take them to the hospital to find out if the heroine's actually pregnant. I must say that it was surprising. This is where we see the heroine actually maturing: she sits the hero down and they talk it out. This is the stop part, because the huge misunderstanding was cleared up. The ending few pages was cute but it felt like there wasn't much. It just didn't float my boat.

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