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The cool-headed Italian businessman Zandro Brunellesci has decided to adopt his late brother’s illegitimate child. After all, there’s no way he would leave the boy to Lia Cameron’s care! Lia was his brother’s mistress, and she’s the mother of this child. She’s also an untrustworthy woman who is suspected of using drugs and being emotionally unstable. But when Lia comes to his home demanding her son back, Zandro can tell that there’s something different about her now. Her clear, honest eyes and womanly allure charm Zandro, but there must be something behind her transformation that Zandro just doesn’t know…

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Before the stories twist. I would say that this Harlequin manga had the most horrible female lead, by my own standards, out of anything I've ever read in my life period. After the twist, she grew on me enough to where I could think of her as just one of many unlikable characters in manga. The story itself was not to my taste either cause it revolved around selfishness and the romance seemed forced. Still, it had pretty good art so it had that going for it I guess. You may be wondering what is so bad about the female character to make me dislike her THAT much. Well before the twist it's because she stalks and finds her son after signing over her parental rights because of Drug Addiction and negligence in an attempt to boldly go up to them and demand her child back out of a loving home and into her arms. She is obtuse and her reasoning is extremely flawed. She refuses to look at anyone else's feelings or well being than her own. Her accusations are ridiculous the fact that they even felt inclined to let the horrible woman into their home to disrupt the child's life and their own was wrong. *Spoiler* with the twist we find out that she is in fact the twin of the manipulative drug addict and that on her deathbed she made her sister promise to go and get her child away from them. So the fact that she wasn't the one who was the real mom who signed over her child in exchange for money made me feel she was not the worst character ever made. However, all the horrible things she did and said while she was there at the families house still stood. Since regardless of if she was lying about who she was, and she wasn't the mother who made the situation the way it was, she was still trying to take the child out of the place it felt the most comfortable in. *Spoiler End* She still accused, berated, argued and ignored reason with those who had the child's best interest at heart. The fact that the male lead fell in love with this woman is really off. All in all, I won't be reading it again that's for sure.

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