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Candy, an interior designer, meets a man at a party hosted by one of her clients. What makes this tall man stand out from the sea of smartly dressed guests, is not his clashing casual style nor his arrogant attitude. The overpowering charisma he gives off takes Candy’s breath away, but when she learns his name, her heart turns to ice. She would have never guessed that he was the cold-blooded multi-millionaire writer, Maximus Seymour!

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I love Ella 5  5

I know that my title may seem a little strange to follow reviewers but you would understand why I love Ella if you saw her and you will in the preview of the book. She just makes me feel happy and cuddly. So, in the beginning, the hero and heroine meet because the hero's sister is getting married and hired the heroine as an interior designer for the hours that they're using. The kind sister invites the heroine to the dinner as a gesture of thank you. It's where the heroine and hero meet. The hero comes off as a little bit flirtatious but instead making the heroine interested, it makes her steer clear. The guests about the hero's Ella and the heroine believes that it's wife. Later, the heroine learns the terrible truth: the hero is a famous author who published a harsh review of the heroine's first novel eight years ago. The negative comments shut the heroine from writing again and made a career into interior designing. The hero and heroine meet under the hero's alias because he wants her to design his house in an atmosphere of an author like comfortable furniture and good shelves for the many many books. I like that the heroine gives the hero her constructive criticism on his books. This intrigues the hero because she actually reads the books and looks deeper into them with their plots and meanings. Then they go to pick up Ella and the look on the heroine's face when she meets Ella is hysterical. It turns out that Ella is not the heir's wife but a very special member of his family. Yet, he was married until nine years ago when he divorced because his wife couldn't take to the life of being the spouse of a writer. This is where I like the book because it brings up the reality of a writer being absorbed in their writing and how freaked out they are near deadlines. For example, the hero becomes cranky and paces around a lot in the book because it's oncoming his deadline. There is what we might call the OW in the picture but it's only the hero's publicity manager who really wants the hero badly. In contrast to this OW's feelings, the hero's only sees her as a business partner. The heroine tries to resist the hero's moves and only succeeds halfway since she reminds herself that this is the man who butchered her book. I like hoe the hero is trying to woo the heroine but to no avail, which both irritates and perplexes him as to why the heroine is like that. I like how the hero comes to the heroine for help on deciding a winner from novels they have submitted. This is where the hero sees the deeper level of the heroine's intellect when it comes to writing and in the end, they chose the same person as the winner. The hero tries to encourage the heroine into the life and writing and would support her. However, his statement became the straw that broke the camel's back for the heroine to hold back his past review on her writing. The hero is shocked when the heroine tells him news, he's heartbroken. After this event, the heroine and hero separate for while to process the event and organize their thoughts. Then the hero invites the heroine to his home and shows her the whole comment that he wrote, its that it was both a critical but supportive comment to the heroine in her pursuit of her career. Unfortunately, the publisher for the hero had edited out the supportive part of the review, leaving only the harsh comment. I also liked what the hero did next, which write his little version of the Beauty and the Beast. He used Ella as the beast figure and confessed his true feelings through the story, I found it quite adorable for using a fairytale as a love confession with the hero's own details and style. The ending was great and I really liked the romance between the two.

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