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Ivy Madison comes to Prince Damian Aristedes claiming she's carrying his child…even though he's never even met her before. Her odd tale includes artificial insemination and car crashes, and Ivy doesn't want anyone but Damian to know. Slowly they begin a relationship, but will it ever be more than just Damian dutifully claiming his unborn heir? Will Ivy find a bit of love in her prince’s arms, or will she regret ever letting him know about the child growing within her?

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The twist you never saw coming 4  4

The story is old with a different method. Basically, the hero's fiancee died in a car crash and the hero finds out that the fiancee was lying to him about being pregnant. However, it turns out that the heroine who is also the stepsister of the fiancee is actually the one who got pregnant with the hero's baby and it was by artificial insemination from a condom. That is definitely a new one. Here is another fun fact: the hero never proposed to the stepsister, it was all paparazzi. The stepsister sounds like a real piece of work. Apparently, after the step-sister had a miscarriage, she asked the heroine to surrogate a baby for her because if the stepsister doesn't get pregnant then the hero would kick her out. The heroine agrees to it but I found it surprising that the heroine never insisted on meeting the hero himself. The hero is surprised at the heroine's claim and asks her (without yelling or shouting) to have a pregnancy and DNA test. The heroine does find it strange from the hero's reaction about the baby. Though, she doesn't press it any further, to which I don't know why. Then I find out that the heroine spent most of her savings on her stepsister's apartment. That is a huge question of why? The stepsister was a model, she could afford it. The hero meets the heroine at her apartment, and the only shouting was when the heroine faints and the hero shouts her name. Nothing bad happened. The hero reveals that tests came back positive and reveals that he never said to the stepsister that he wanted a child. I love that the heroine found out the truth, she asked to keep the baby because the baby is special to her. I liked how the hero was impressed by her claim. I am a bit surprised that the heroine went so willingly with the hero to Greece, though the hero pulled out the usual, "Don't come and I will sue." Then it goes worse, when the heroine says that she just realized of how wealthy he is. That turns the hero to go all creep and push the heroine onto the bed saying how she just came for the fortune. I like how the heroine got backbone in that situation. I like how I can see the point of view from both characters. The heroine tries to escape but the hero catches her and they go shopping for baby clothes, which shock the hero. I do like how they start to open up with each other like the heroine and stepsister being in foster care and the stepsister helping the heroine become independent. I was surprised by how quickly the hero asked the heroine to marry him. The heroine rejects it because she hates sex that goes back to when she was raped. The hero was very sweet in comforting her. However, there was a gap when the heroine suddenly wants to have sex with the hero. To me, that would be little bit much. Another thing is should they be having sex at the heroine's early stages of pregnancy? Then comes the big Twist with the bonus of being an obstacle. The path to the ending and the ending itself was great.

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