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30 years old and still single, Megan is content with her life—but her mother isn’t. After several years of pressure—and more than one embarrassing dating debacle—Megan finally gives in and agrees to meet a potential suitor: Luc Patrick, bestselling author and public enigma. Not knowing what to expect, she's surprised to find that he's the sexiest man she's ever laid eyes on…

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new job: a male writer 5  5

Okay, I really liked this book because instead of big manager or ceo, the hero was a writer. I like the artistic side of a man. The hero is a writer, whose agent wants to invite him to a party because his sister wants to introduce the hero to her daughter in order to set her up. The hero rejects and goes on remodeling his house till the heroine. The hero could have need a bit of work in the beginning. She meets the hero and when the hero speaks not more than for 30 seconds, they thinks that he can't be the writer that she is meeting. It felt a bit silly, I mean ask first. I do like the fact that the heroine's job is a chemist. Then again, the hero does lie by saying that "writer" is won't be back till next month. Plus, when she asks if he's a friend of the writer, he just says that he lives there, so that can be a lie. The heroine wants the writer to be a pretend boyfriend so her mother can stop trying to match her up because the last guy turned out to be gay. That was funny. The hero then comes up with suggestion that he "replace" the writer and be the heroine's date. At her wit's end, the heroine agrees, but I did find it amazing that she didn't even ask the name of the man who agreed to pretend to be her boyfriend. I admit that at the party, the hero and heroine look good together. It was a bit ridiculous that the heroine was getting so worked up over the hero even though the hero was playing the part exactly. Circumstances lead the two to a gazebo, where hero deduces that the man that the heroine was previously engaged with, hit her. I like how he was mad for her sake. One thing leads to another, and they are doing it. Then things take a turn for the worse when the Uncle agent comes and reveals the hero's true identity. The heroine feeling shocked and used rushes off to her bedroom with the hero following her. The heroine rejects him and he leaves. Flash forward three months, which shows the heroine pregnant. She goes to see her mother and we learn some interesting news: It's Father and the Bride 2 plot, both mother and daughter are pregnant. It's a cute scene of both women supporting each other. The heroine has to ask her uncle for the hero's address and learns of the hero's past, which includes his ex-wife leaving him when things got tough. It's sad. When the heroine meets the hero who is a little cold but at least he's not yelling and screaming at her. I can say that their meeting has been one of the adult conservations. They aren't insulting, screaming, yelling, or shouting, which to me is refreshing. The heroine spills the beans and I must say that the hero took it well. He didn't question the paternity of the child, which gives him a lot of brownie points. He does want to give married but the heroine resists because marriage is based on love between two people. Both arguments are good and they don't go overboard, leading them to find a comprise. The time they spend together is great until the heroine gets a letter from the ex-wife that scares her. The heroine loses some brownie points from me by not confronting the hero about the letter and suddenly say that they should sleep in separate rooms. I love the hero for confronting the situation with the heroine and how they were able to clear some misunderstanding. It was a cute moment. I didn't like that we never find out the gender of the mother's baby. I did find it funny that after the call telling the hero and heroine of the heroine's new sibling, the heroine goes into labor. The hospital scenes is one of my favorites. I love how the hero looks at his baby. It's so sweet. The hero ask the heroine to marry him but wants to wait and let her think of her own answer. I loved that. I also loved how the book showed the reality of having a newborn baby for six weeks. Then the next part was awesome of how the heroine and the hero battled together against the ex. I loved how the heroine proclaimed to the ex that she was going to marry the hero. The ending was great and it was a great story.

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