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After receiving an anonymous threat, Kimberly Townsend's only hope for her little boy is his father, billionaire Luc Santono. But it's been seven years since he left Kimberly behind, and he doesn't even know he has a son! And while he may dismiss Kimberly's pleas for money as the lies of a shallow gold digger, it's certainly no lie that she's prepared to do anything for her child...…

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Great work 4  4

Sarah Morgan is a British writer of more than eighty romance novels and mainstream women's fiction from 2000. Morgan was a nurse before she started writing after the birth of her first son.] She lives with her husband and two sons near London. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a writer. Her professional background as a nurse is also reflected in her doctoral romances. Her specialty is contemporary romances, told in a humorous and sensual way. Many of her romances, such as the From Manhattan with love series, are based in New York City Morgan's favorite city. Her books were translated in several languages and sold more than 18 million copies worldwide. The artist really beautiful

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GREAT!! when 60s drawing style with 2000s settings 4  4

It's good! Kinda pissed with the so called "husband" since he's a jerk, kept blaming MC for what happened in the past. but nevertheless he admit it and apologise (did he?) and the story was about the mother who doesn't know how to handle a money-sucking antagonist, while the mother is poor. I think even the antagonist did report to the hero about he got kid with some woman who he met years ago it's not really convincing. lame really, she can just ask police and it should ended sooner than spend time gross-sobbing on the floor, waiting for his man come to him. but if you happened to love 60s drawing style, you'll love it. the story has its own depth and it's my 1st time to see the MC rejects his husbando wannabe dinner invitation LMAO. but damn it's nice and finally no "easy woman" in this story, well the deal still pretty lame, spent 2 weeks fucking each other so she can gave the antagonist money. yeah right (the only plus point aside from the drawing style)

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blackmail is both new and old 4  4

Okay, This story had me on edge because the heroine actually came out with the whole truth in the beginning. The heroine goes to the hero after a seven year separation period to ask money ( 5 million pounds) from the hero because someone is threatening her son. What I found interesting is the fact that the heroine told the hero that she was pregnant and the hero didn't believe her and forced her out of not only the building but also out of the country. The next thing I couldn't believe is that the heroine tells him that he has a son. She never lies or makes a cover up story unlike some heroine. However, the hero is acting like a jerk again because he doesn't believe her.The heroine shows him the blackmail note and he doesn't believe. On this piece, I would have to agree with the hero because blackmail letters can be forged and it's probably no use getting fingerprints if the heroine has already touched the mail and the hero's "strong faith" in her isn't enough. What I found most interesting was not the heroine does use a large amount of money from the gift of a credit card that the hero gave her, but the fact that no one, not the hero or his little group of accountants looked at the records of the credit card to see that it wasn't dresses and jewelry but diapers and food. I mean really, the man owns a huge company and yet, they don't check what was bought on the credit card. The next thing that happens is that the only way for the heroine to get the money is that the she must spend two intense weeks with the hero. This is after the hero makes some harsh comments about the hotel that the heroine is staying, which is a dump. We do find out that the heroine left the child with a good family friend. It did strike me that the hero left his company for two weeks, which is something that he never did. I can't be judgmental to the mother because parents will do whatever it takes to protect their children, though, I do wish she had taken it up with the police. What I found surprising is that the hero finds out after listening to a little snippet of the heroine's phone call that he doesn't know anything about her. Really?! You thought that one month from seven years ago would be enough? Then he starts to get all possessive. We find out the heroine's job is a jewelry designer. It's different from the usual interior decorator. We also find out that the heroine was saved by the hero from some creeps when they first met. I did like that I saw the perspective of the hero. The transaction between the two was good because the hero figures out that the heroine is leaving and he goes with her to show off his ego. This is where it gets good: the hero surprises the heroine by coming to her house unannounced and sees the child that the heroine told him and the appearance of the boy shows that it's his son. Ironic that in the first few pages of the book, he talks about her pulling a kid off the street to get money and the fact that he wouldn't be able to tell the difference and there he is now. I love the little boy and his name: Rio. It's new from some of the most used names in harlequin books. The hero goes all protective for the little boy that I found sweet. I love that the heroine holds her ground against the hero when he starts the whole "Why didn't you tell me?!" Geez, man!! She tried to tell, even went to your company's building to tell and that you threw her out with the wave of your hand. I loved that the heroine shoved the receipts from the credit card onto the hero. The next day, the hero comes in and somehow the hero thinks that the heroine and him should marry for their child. I like that the heroine said no and stands by it. I did like how the heroine came up with some good conditions that the hero has to follow for a month and that the hero actually agreed with to do it. They completed step one: finding something to agree on. I did like that they spent some time together by going out for a picnic and going to a amusement park. Everything seems to be going well till the blackmailer calls. Word of advice: if you give a black mailer money, they are like roaches, they keep coming back for more. The blackmailer sounded pretty stupid to demand the heroine 10 million dollars within 24 hours and not tell the hero. How is the heroine going to come up with that kind of money without the hero knowing? The blackmailer set himself up badly. The hero comes in and asks to know what's going on but the heroine doesn't tell him; it causes the hero to get upset because the heroine is keeping secrets from him and the hero leaves, only to come back because he senses something is wrong. The hero comes back and finds out that the blackmailer not only called but the son is missing. Nothing bad happens to the son, apparently, the son was in cahoots with the bodyguards to surprise his father by giving him candy. Sweet little boy!! I liked seeing the hero looking down at the blackmailer who is being pushed down to the ground by the hero's body guards. The ending was pretty sweet, but the reason why I gave it a four star is because men with oversized egos don't float my boat.

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Million-Dollar Love-Child 5  5

This is the best comics book if u guy have credit cards or debit card or Paypal get the one that you seem to be more interest and read it don't rent is a wasted of time order now.

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