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On what should have been the happiest day of her life, Rebecca Ainsworth found herself tossed aside by her newlywed husband, Andreas Petrakos. But after a car crash sends him to recuperate on his private island, he forgets everything from the past year—even his marriage! Believing Rebecca to be his mistress, he calls her to the island, and she decides to play along; but when the truth comes out, will she be able to handle it?

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not for me 2  2

The positive thing about this manga: The art is good. The negative thing about this manga: Everything else. This manga was awful the lead characters are both in need of some intense therapy. The lead male gets married only to throw his wife out even before the honeymoon because he got an anonymous call about a secret lover of the female lead. So yes, he jumps to conclusions and doesn't trust the woman he claims to love only earlier in the day. (Of course she doesn't give him much room to believe anything else) I'm more inclined to believe from his kicking her out without even attempting to further get to the bottom of the situation, that this WAS just about sex and unhealthy obsession. The female lead, also didn't love the male lead, she didn't trust him or confide in him, instead she just kept her mouth shut about everything when he confronted her. So naturally it didn't end well. Then, in her rage, because he won't let her just give his money away without explanation, she says she'd take 1/2 of his money... this was all about money for her... but she wanted to pretend it was about love. She comes back after he has an accident and has amnesia. Her reason? More money... but she doesn't want him to think it's about money... it's about 'love' and the money that she expects and 'needs' is just secondary. The sister plays the victim card when she's in on the money extortion and the lead female just eats it up and goes looking for money for her. Yet the manga doesn't address the most important issue to me. That child of her sister's that she's supposedly come to collect more money for. Her sister obviously has no business having a child in her custody. If she can't take care of the baby it's better off being taken from the crappy parents and given to a good family who will take care of the medical fees. I think it should be put in a good home before it can remember it's misfortune of being born to those horrible people. Instead of being used for getting more money. However, though they don't really get into it, it seems like he's giving money again. The worst part of this story for me is all the willful misunderstandings and drama. But the end upsets me too. The words 'I am who I am because of you.' said by the male lead when professing his supposed love bothers me quite a bit. So he's saying that he has no true personality and everything he does is like a puppet on strings with her holding them? That's not romantic to me. OVERALL: This story is not a good one in my eyes but I think other people could enjoy it. I just have issues with these types of ones because it doesn't fit what I see as true love.

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forgiveness from both sides 4  4

This one came as a surprise. The hero gets into an accident and calls for a woman that he threw away on their honeymoon, while in a coma. The heroine comes back to him, hoping to get money from him for her newly born, undeveloped niece. We find out that the hero has got amnesia and thinks the heroine is where she first began as a mistress. The heroine stays on doctor's orders. Things become a bit awkward between the hero and the heroine and the heroine leaves the room. The hero takes a hero, thinking that the heroine has to leave then goes on a fritz when the heroine and the secretary (male) are having a fun conversation that involves laughing about greek mythology. The man is possessive. Then the hero wants her to stay. I liked that the heroine resists sex with the hero. I do like how the conversation goes between the two as they try to figure each other out. Then the heroine finds an article of clothing that she wore, the day her marriage fell apart. Apparently, the hero confronts the heroine about a OM,which the heroine knows but won't say why. The hero thinks that the heroine is committing adultery and makes some harsh comments but I wouldn't blame him when your new wife has a secret about a man that she is keeping from him. I did like hoe they didn't have sex in the first fifty pages but the hero's memory came back when he had sex with the heroine. Not good; the heroine lost some brownie points for not holding back. The hero can remember the past but not recent events like the crash. The hero is back to acting like a jerk and the heroine finally reveals everything about her niece. The heroine should ave done that in the first place. Strangely, the hero seems upset to be paying for the niece who is the daughter of the OM. We learn that the hero got a call from the OM of the heroine being intimate with him and more lies. The hero doesn't believe him but gets a private detective, there is no evidence of the OM and the heroine being involved till a picture comes in and it makes sense of why the hero would be upset and not different from other harlequin female characters. The hero comes up with the condition that the heroine has to stay with him in order to get the money. Later, the hero drops the photos of the heroine and the OM and the surprise is the heroine asks who the man is. Apparently, the woman in the picture is the heroine's half sister and mother of the baby. I love how both are asking for forgiveness from each other. The ending and truths revealed is good but I love kids at the end.

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