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Eight years ago, a great tragedy befell Libby Cornish and it changed her life forever. To this day she’s still haunted by her repressed memories of that night. But when her old classmate and one-sided crush Nick Howell joins her team, Libby’s nights take a turn for the better. She experiences dreams of them kissing—dreams so vivid she can feel them long after they’ve ended. If she didn’t know better, she’d swear they weren’t dreams at all.

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What's hidden in the gaps is everything! 3  3

SPOILER ALERT: This story had a good deal of “feel good” as well as a few minor pacing frustrations. Our heroine is a doctor who still has not completely recovered from getting hit by a car nearly 10 years prior. It would seem she was fleeing several attackers, and she frequently has nebulous dreams about the attack even though she can’t remember it or the several weeks before it well. What the accident did do, along with the partial memory loss, is force her to miss a year of medical training, switch medical schools to one closer to home and give her a precious daughter, Tash, who is her source of strength. Now, a full-fledged doctor recently hired to work in the ER, she is surprised when the head doctor – who had been on vacation – is someone she went to medical school with before the accident. The heroine remembers him fondly as the man she loved from a distance so is surprised when he knows her name, but even after answering his questions about why she switched schools, the hero is standoffish and critical. It’s a hot & cold day as they ‘reconnect’, and while the hero remains cold, he’s fair, even praising her for a diagnosis. While the heroine is feeling inordinately happy to receive his praise, the hero is cursing that his feelings for her haven’t faded. Then her daughter Tash is brought in with a nosebleed that won’t stop, and the hero is shocked to discover the heroine’s single mother status. After assisting in the treatment, the hero sends the heroine home with her daughter, telling himself to stop thinking about who the father might be. That night, instead of nightmares about the attack, the heroine starts dreaming about the hero sharing an umbrella with her in the rain. The next day the heroine gets to see the hero interacting with children and loves him more, while the hero watches her talking to Dr. French from gynecology and accuses her of trying to get it on with a married man. Despite that, her dream that night is longer, more detailed, and ends in a kiss that was oh, so, real, and she can’t understand why he’s giving her good dreams when he’s so cold to her in reality. The next morning, she a little concerned when she sees a bruise on Tash’s arm, and wonders if there is bullying at school involved even though her daughter shows no other signs of it, but things escalate when Tash is brought in with another ‘out-of-nowhere’ nosebleed, and the hero calls for tests. They come back Leukemia. Now spending all her time in the hospital divided between job and Tash, the heroines is running herself ragged forcing the hero to do some tough love -love: making her eat / tough – threating to suspend her if her lack of sleep affects her performance (which she says she can’t afford. I don’t understand that part – she’s a DOCTOR, living in a small apartment. How can she be living paycheck-to-paycheck? There is no mention/indication of debts). The heroine is feeling all alone until she remembers why she hired on to THIS hospital and calls Dr. French. TWIST REVEAL: They are related – refer to abandoned mistress death bed confession plot device. Family takes it well, so now Tash has aunts and uncles, AND potential marrow donors, as well as the heroine having some backup. After an encounter with a violent patient, the hero sends her home prescribing sleep, and while she’s away the hero is getting introspective about his feelings for her and wondering about the shadow she carries. When she’s back, after a hectic day, the hero offers moral support as she talks to Tash’s doctor. Chemo must be prolonged and none of the French family is a match as a donor. This forces a confrontation between the hero and heroine. He’s asked about Tash’s father before and ‘none-of-your-business’ answers, but this time he pushes forcing the heroine to reveal her memory loss and that Tash is the result of rape. She comments that she still doesn’t know why she was in that part of town, but she wasn’t close to anyone at school so she figured no one even missed her when she disappeared. She’s thrilled to hear the hero did, and his attitude has changed as well. Later, when she discovers the hero conspired with Tash make ‘donor wanted’ posters, she’s happy enough to kiss him. He’s game and she murmurs it’s just like her dream. Then Tash’s doctor calls the hero away after which he evidently avoids the heroine and Tash. The heroine finally confronts the hero, suspecting it Tash’s doctor told the hero about the negative results of the donor search, but it’s just the opposite. They found an ideal match – the hero! And there is a reason for it. We now learn about the weeks before the accident that the heroine has lost, and the principles of male pride when facing an ex. Of course, there’s a happy ending, but it is neat to see the puzzle pieces fall together. Sadly, the story ends with a kiss under the stars rather than any future shots. The only thing that annoyed me was it seemed to move from one time period to another without any definite indication time passage. Rereading, I am wondering now if that is with the panels with feathers were supposed to signify, but there was nothing that made that obvious or plain to intuit, but all in all, it was definitely worth reading.

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