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Celibate Sara is enjoying her yacht vacation—at least until she runs into the last man on Earth she wanted to see! Guido is a businessman with a godlike body, and also happened to be Sara’s husband, if briefly. Ten years ago, their young marriage fell apart because of his family’s cruel treatment of her. Now that they’ve met again, Guido pressures her to be his mistress! While Sara is unhappy with the proposal, she resolves to let him have her body in order to protect her friends, who could end up in deep debt at Guido’s whim. Oh, but she’ll play the part of an experienced woman to the bitter end…

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This is a new version of a review because I accidently deleted the first one. The hero comes across his ex-wife of ten years and decides to get revenge for her blackmail on her family. Evidently, he has no idea of what went on when he left for work. He tries to seduce her and she nearly falls for it but fights back. Then he plays dirty: using her friend's business in where they need the money to support their unborn child. This pushes the heroine to accept the hero's silly mistress for a year deal. During the plot, we see flashbacks of the heroine's life from being the child of a sperm donor but well loved till her family died in an accident. From then on, the children at the orphanage would bully her for being fatherless. Once she left, she met the hero and they fell into a passionate romance. She got married and they got married. She thought that she would be welcomed into the hero's family and finally have a family but it turns out to be the opposite with being severely hated by the hero's father & hero's cousin/childhood friend. She was cared for by the hero's little brother but he was a child who couldn't do much. She tries to talk to the hero about it but he always brushed her off with being too tired. Then things go downhill when the heroine suffers a fall from the stairs that causes her miscarriage. She sees the childhood was the one but the hero doesn't believe her words. He didn't then and he still doesn't now. The hero himself is a bit of an idiot because in the present, he's so happy about having the heroine back in his arms, despite the fact he's blackmailing her. He doesn't even think that once it all ends, she'll stay with the man she hates. Later, he reveals the blackmail she did to his family and she denies it with an explanation but again, he doesn't believe her. In fact, he doesn't question it for a number of weeks in their hotel only "meetings" till he goes to see his father who's being in admitted for a life and death surgery. Right before the man is admitted, the hero asks if what his father said about the heroine blackmailing is true. The man probably felt death's touch and revealed that he lied about the whole thing. The little brother finally tells the truth of the family's abuse to the heroine, even about how he saw the childhood friend pushing the heroine down the stairs. Yet, when he told the father, the father told him to never tell the hero. The truth really shakes the hero to his core, that he tells the heroine......after coitus of course. She tries to blow it off because it's scarred wounds that she doesn't want reopened and have salt sprinkled on them. Their conversation right there with the heroine states her lack of trust (who can blame her) in the hero and the hero realizing his mistakes (though he pulls off this playboy persona), has him change. They switch from hotel to house with buying groceries and taking the time to talk. It goes all well until the heroine discovers she's pregnant. She's afraid of the hero's reaction but wants to keep the baby. The hero doesn't take it well and insists on a DNA test with the condition of marrying if the baby is his. The heroine puts up the hard NO sign, even states that he can do what he wants with her friends because she has her baby, finally her own family to protect. It stops the hero from saying or doing anything. The heroine leaves for home and resumes to her previous lifestyle. Later, she finds the hero standing outside her door with a big bouquet of flowers. She only lets him in after he begs her to listen. He reveals that he thought and still does think of her as the prettiest girl in the world but he failed in making her the happiest. He goes on about how he was suddenly thrust in the position of CEO of a company on the verge of bankruptcy. He was working crazy in order to gain many people's trust that left him exhausted. Then when he saw the heroine lying pale on the hospital bed after the fall and miscarriage, he was heartbroken and felt immense guilt for putting her there in all alone in a foreign country with the loss of her baby when she should have been a university student. He goes on about knowing she can't forgive him now but hopes she'll forgive him over time. Then asks her for one more chance to prove that he can protect them both and prove his love for her. The heroine gives him one more chance and he spends the next year proving it. We skip past a year to the wedding night of the hero and heroine four months after the heroine gave birth to their little beauty baby girl. During those months, the family met the father who apologized. Then the heroine met her biological paternal grandparents, that really brought joy to her tears. It was a nice ending, it's just the whole blackmail and everything didn't float my boat.

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