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It’s impossible for Simone to ignore Cade’s commands in bed, and the love affair they had five years ago is on Simone’s mind again. That same Cade has now forced her to be his mistress…and in return, he will invest in Simone’s business, which is teetering on the edge of disaster. He didn’t give her any choice...…and Simone isn’t entirely sure she wanted one.

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hmmm....okay. 3  3

The heroine is reunited with an ex-lover who's out for revenge on the heroine. They were in a happy relationship and then he came into some money. The heroine suggested investing in her father's works, only she didn't know the father would screw over the hero by stealing all his money on the con. The father even lied, stating the heroine knew about the whole con. The betrayed hero doesn't listen to the heroine and he leaves her. For the next five years, the heroine has a lot to deal with her father's alcoholism and driving their company to bankruptcy to helping her mother who's been admitted nursing home. Her father's antics have made things so bad that the only person who pops up for help is the hero who extorts the heroine into giving her body in order to save the company. The heroine agrees and they are confronted by the father who the heroine shoves off because her predicament is all thanks to him. It's actually the last thing she says to him. The hero and heroine head off to the tropics and things start going from there. It's ups and downs for the hero and heroine but you notice the changes with the hero quickly taking the heroine out on non sensual activities. The heroine tries to block out all the questions as to why the hero would help till a run-in with her ex-husband brings it up. She gets cold with the hero who tries to keep the deal with keeping the heroine on track with his plans. By then, she's finds herself back in love with the hero but she finds herself pregnant. She becomes anxiety without a doubt since she believes the hero will probably accuse her or something. Then the heroine finds documents about the amount the hero is spending and decides to transfer ownership to the hero. She tells the hero who learns she found out that his surprise present was seen the wrong way but it escalates into a fight. He tries to tell the heroine that he doesn't believe in her father's lies but she doesn't believe him and right then, they get word of the father's death. Things are put on the back burner till after the funeral. A fight and a fainting spell has the heroine reveal her pregnancy to the hero. He's an angry guy over the fact she was keeping it a secret from him. The heroine responds it's because she didn't want to chain him to her. She leaves and he finally figures out that he's in love with her. The hero runs after her and gives the love confession and proposal to marriage. The heroine says yes and we get a happy ending.

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