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Gabriela has come to the country of Zatara to save her brother who’s been accused of drug-smuggling, but her only recourse to clear his name might be marriage! Prince Rafiq doesn’t have long in the world, but he hopes to see his brother betrothed so the kingdom will have a strong marriage…that is, until Rafiq finds himself interested in a chance at marriage, however short.

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oh, brother. 4  4

The plot was good and the big question hanging in the middle. The hero has recently learned that a blood count abnormality has resulted that he will die very soon. Therefore, he has set off on a mission to find a wife for his brother who will support him. The heroine is trying to figure out a way to free her brother from 25 years in prison because he saw a pretty lady with a lot of luggage. I really didn't know what to call the heroine's brother: chivalrous or gullible. I mean I found it sweet that there are men who want to help women but one needs to be careful when traveling through airports. The only way for the heroine to help her brother is to seek audience with a royalty (king or prince). The heroine is brave by sneaking into the palace to seek audience with the king. While, trying to escape from the guards, the heroine and the hero meet and I love that both couples have their thoughts shown. The hero is intrigued with the heroine's strength and stubbornness and he sends the guards away. They talk and the heroine learns who the hero is and I found it interesting that she didn't start blathering off but what surprised me more is what the hero thought. He thinks that the heroine is perfect as a wife for his brother. This doesn't make sense, wouldn't it be better if the hero chose a woman who knew his country personally, was a loyal person to the hero's family, and showed admirable qualities in dealing with dirty politicians. I mean I like how quickly the hero points out the heroine's great traits but I think the disease is making the hero get a little reckless. The hero proposes a deal (not saying marriage yet) and then almost kisses the heroine. I actually was wishing for him to kiss the heroine. I love the hero's two word description of the heroine's brother: typical idiot. I love how the two are able to have some normal conversations and the fact that the heroine easily notices the hero's fatigue. I did find it funny that their first kiss happens after 50 pages have passed. I like how we get to see that both characters want each other. The hero tries to maintain distance form the heroine to control himself. I found myself slapping my forehead at the heroine's brother lecturing her not to get involved with the sheikh, this calling the man who got swooned by a women with hidden drugs at a airport. I like that the heroine gets in the hero face in order to help him with a issue at one of the villages. The hero then gets word of his bother arrival and the heroine tells him to tell his brother, to which the brother says no in a very negative way. Then heroine and the brother get on well, though the hero is conflicted that it's working to the way he wants it but he's not happy. The heroine finds the brother below her balcony and has him come up to tell him what's going on with his brother. The hero sees this and nearly goes to interrupt. What happens next has me not give the brother brownie points. He runs away to marry a single mother in France. He doesn't stay to tell his terminal ill sick brother that he's going to be there for him and loves him. That doesn't make sense. The hero apologizes to the heroine because he thinks that his brother had sex with her and left her. Then they have sex, which proves to the hero that the heroine and brother didn't have sex and the hero didn't use a condom ,which has the hero pull the usual, "you pregnant, we marry" in a business tone that turns the heroine off. The heroine confesses that she loves the hero but won't marry him and the hero ponders over it. The hero learns that the first test was a mistake and his recent exhaustion is mostly likely exhaustion from stress. The ending was cute.

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