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Kira is the illegitimate child of a billionaire, and her relationship to her father is kept a tight secret. Her sole inheritance from him is a hotel in Las Vegas. However, a man named André is trying to buy out the hotel. Kira goes to the Caribbean to try and negotiate with him directly regarding the hotel, but the moment Kira and André meet, they both forget business entirely and spend a passionate night together. As a result of that night, Kira becomes pregnant. But when she contacts André about it afterward, instead of replying to her email, he comes all the way to Vegas in person without warning. But it wasn't her email that summoned him... He came because he wants revenge against her family.

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Good story 4  4

I enjoyed reading this one even though I could tell that it was missing quite a bit of the story from the novel. I loved the art a lot. I think the art was the best part about this manga. It was drawn beautifully.

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too rushed 3  3

I felt there wasn't anything there between the two till the very end of the book. It was all too rushed. The two of them have a sad history. The heroine is the illegitimate daughter of a perverted casino owner and the hero lost all the people who he loved because of the perverted casino owner. What I found most amazing is the fact that the heroine was sent to negotiate a plan with the hero but failed to look up any information about like for the fact he's engaged to a rich lady or was until photos of them were taken after morning bed. The hero I couldn't really give much brownie points throughout a lot of the book. For example, he regards the engagement with the rich lady as a valuable deal but not as valuable as having sex with the heroine. Another thing was the fact that the hero was going after the perverted casino owner and not his sister who has been the PC's mistress for fifteen years, starting when she was around 15 to 16. It never occurred to him that she never made contact after fifteen years even when he was rich. Plus, she wasn't powerless, she was part of managing the casino and hotel. Therefore, she had money and resources to look and check on her little brother but she never did. The hero doesn't question that, really? Not only that the hero and heroine only knew each for three days before having sex then the hero kicks her out and they don't contact each other for a month till the heroine writes the letter to the hero of her impending pregnancy. Then the hero barges in all cave-man. He takes her and they end up on his private island alone. It doesn't go well. The heroine lies to the hero saying that the baby is the perverted casino's son who is her half brother because for some reason the hero believes that the PC's son and the heroine are together. The hero only starts to gain brownie points from me when he finds out the truth and goes off to defend the heroine from her horrible half brother: punching his lights out earned him some additional brownie points. The ending is pretty cute with the kid but it all felt too rushed, not a lot of bonding, communication, and lot of questions unanswered.

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