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She'll do whatever it takes to rebuild this country—even if it means marrying! Princess Jazmine of Hellenia has been ordered to marry a man she's never seen before for the good of the nation. Her intended is the crown prince, who was only discovered a few days ago and who only just found out that he’s royalty. From the moment he arrived, his handsomeness took Jazmine's breath away. But to be the bride of this wild, sharp-gazed man? Fortunately, when she trips over her the high heels she’s so unused to, the hand up he offers her is warm and kind…

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3.5 poof! He's a prince. 4  4

The hero is a firefighter who lives decent life with his sister till the next twenty-four hours changes the course of their lives. They're suddenly told that their grandfather was a prince who threw away his princely duties and eloped with their grandmother. Now, they're kidnapped and sent to another country they had no idea existed and told by an old crotchety man of what they are going to do and who they're going to marry. The hero develops a blood vessel in his forehead and tells the old man off in front of his granddaughter, the girl he's been "ordered" to marry, and is also the heroine. I understand the Grandfather has been in power for a long time and used to the "what I say goes" and that he's been dealing with the crushing pressure of seeing his country fall to the near ruin by the family who not only destroyed the country but also took his son and grandson. Unfortunately, his diplomacy is sorely lacking and it's where the heroine comes in and gives the 411 to the hero and sister of the dire situation the country has been left for the over a thirty year civil war. The damage is so bad the they need an heir from the hero's family in order to keep the family that started the war from gaining control of the country. When she attempts to seduce the hero into staying, she asks why he acted that way to her grandfather when he's an old man. The heroine fails to understand since she's been raised from birth to "follow everything grandpa says." that not everyone takes kindly to some stranger ordering them to do this and that like marrying someone. If someone told me that, I would have responded they should take their orders and shut it up a place where the sun don't shine. Afterwards, the hero starts training and the heroine is impressed with how quickly he takes to it. As the two spend time together, the hero helps her open up and let loose all the tears and pain from losing her family members and watching her country fall apart but keep everything inside since she's a princess who can't lose her composure. The hero finally gets to see the severity of the damage from the civil war and the heroine and grandfather have been using their own personal money in order to support their people through any means necessary. The hero finally offers some ideas that actually gain the grandfather's respect. However, the hero thinks of himself as unqualified because of an incident that happened when he was teenager. His parents asked him to pick them up but he wanted to go on a date with a girl and forgot. They got a cab but ended up in a car crash that killed them. The tragedy sent his grandparents into an early grave and caused his sister to become anorexic from the loneliness and anxiety. He couldn't do anything at the time and it was his best friend who was able to get the sister eating healthy again. He became a fireman in order to save other for the ones he couldn't save. The heroine sees it and tells him as well as how he's not responsible for his parent's accident. Another obstacle pops up that shortens the wait time for the hero to decide if he'll take the throne or not. He decides to do it on the conditions he doesn't marry the heroine and that the heroine is freed from her princess duties because he wants her to be free , to relax, and not be constricted from the life of royalty with security camera at every corner and not able to express your feelings in public. He has no idea that the heroine sees the perks of being royal by giving all her time to volunteer, something she loves. She loves her country and wants to give it her all in helping making it better and it breaks her heart to see the hero take it away from her. Plus, she thinks the hero thinks less of her and is why he took away her position. She starts eating less and less, slowly heading down the path that the hero's sister once traveled. When she reveals the pain he caused her in tears and screams, he sits heartbroken for hurting the heroine at a bar. Luckily, his friend is there to talk him through it and help figure out what to do. He calls for a press conference and tells everyone with the heroine watching on tv that the heroine should be the next ruler of the country. Shocked by his announcement, she runs to him and he tells everyone he introducing her as his future wife and queen. He apologizes for his actions and asks her to marry him. Then the heroine announces that the country should be ruled by two co-rulers like themselves. Their announcements have everyone cheering them on. We get a nice ending and it wasn't a bad story.

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