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Though technically royalty in Qusay, Rafiq distanced himself from the throne, leaving his homeland at a young age and becoming a successful businessman in Australia. But fate leads him home when his brother’s coronation ceremony approaches, and Rafiq returns to Qusay. There he encounters Sera, the woman who left him to marry another man. Sera has been widowed and now acts as Rafiq’s mother’s companion. At first Sera avoids Rafiq, but while journeying through the desert kingdom together the two slowly become close once again. Suddenly, Rafiq’s brother renounces the throne, and their newly rekindled romance is threatened once again.

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The hero comes back to his home country from his five years out of the country work. He did this because he found out the girl he loved and promised to marry within a year married an older man. He was immensely hurt at her betrayal but knew nothing of the truth. Now, he comes back to find not only is the heroine a widow of one year but she was taken in by his mother to be her companion. The mother obviously has them go to a long village in the desert to discuss about fabrics and pricing. It an awkward drive and conversation between the two where the heroine tries not to reveal the details. We do get a scare with the sand sinkhole but they make it to the village where it's the heroine who conducts the business negotiations. After reaching a verdict with the council women, they head back. As the two travel back, the hero asks her why she married the OM and she reveals why. Apparently, she was pressured by her father to marry the old man (his fourth marriage) since he had money whereas the hero only had a title. Then she was coerced by his father to not marry the hero or he would kill her whole family. The news pretty well shocks him but he believes her. He takes her to bed, deflowering her because her dead husband wouldn't touch since he considered her ugly. Ugly that he couldn't have children with her. Hmmmm. She was his fourth wife but he had no children and wouldn't make love to her. I feel like he had different preferences. Moving on, the hero and heroine grow closer and closer. He confronts his mother and reveals it's all true as well as how the Dead husband's family accused the heroine of poisoning the man then throwing her out. So, the mother wanted to make up what her husband had done to her by taking her in. The hero makes his intentions clear that he plans to take the heroine back to Australia and marry her. At first the heroine agrees till the hero's older brother abdicates for a woman and it results in making the hero king. Now, the heroine knows she can't be queen. She reveals to the hero of the awful things the husband made her do and she won't be seen as a queen but as a harlot. The hero doesn't give up and states he'll marry her. She tries to run away but the hero catches with news that he abdicates from the throne and is giving it to his younger brother. The ending was quite nice and it was a decent harlequin to read.

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