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Alicia met former pro rugby player Francesco on a trip to Florence after her high school graduation. As a rugby fan, the chance to date her idol was a dream come true. The dream got even better when he proposed to her on the final day of her trip, and they had a whirlwind wedding. But their happiness wasn’t meant to last. Humiliated on her wedding night, Alicia ran from her husband. What could be in store for them ten years later, when they meet by chance at a rugby game in England…?

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Earlier, I had read book reviews from the original book, which gave the hero the appearance of a jerk but he wasn't really like that, except maybe in the past. So the hero and the heroine were married ten years ago but there were certain factors that were straining their relationship: the ill treatment from the hero's mother, the crude words from the servants, and the fact that the hero suddenly became distant with the heroine. That was pretty bad. However, that wasn't the straw that broke the camel's back. We will get back to that because the heroine leaves and they don't see for a long time till they run into each again and the hero states that she is still his wife and he won't let her go, although the hero responded that on their wedding night, he called her an unfit bride. She runs away and doesn't meet him till at a party, where the heroine learns from the hero that his mother died and left her something from the inheritance and the only way for everyone to get their inheritance is for the heroine to come back to Florence, like a great aunt who was kind to the heroine. The heroine is packing to go then a friend forces a kiss on her, which freaks her out. I'm going to point out that I liked that we get to hear the hero's thoughts. We find out after their disastrous wedding night, the hero went after the heroine to her mother's house and having the mother send him away. The heroine had no idea and personally, I don't blame the mother of the heroine because a parent doesn't want the person who hurt their child to come within a ten-mile radius of their child. Then we hear from the hero's point of view of what happened that terrible wedding night. In the beginning, they didn't immediately have sex on their wedding night because the whole thing was so tiring that they went straight to bed. They end up on their honeymoon in Paris, ready for the "fun" and this is a couple that hasn't had sex. Then the heroine wants a few minutes to prepare and when the hero goes in, he finds the heroine in a.......well.....there are two words that can describe this outfit: sexy and skanky. This turns the hero immediately off and says some things that really shocked me: "I'm not going to sleep with such a filthy looking bride,". Yep, in the past, he lost a lot of brownie points from me. He only realizes seconds too late of harshness of his words and when he goes back into the room, he finds her gone, goes to look her, and you how it goes. I did like that the heroine isn't trying to be a meanie to the hero and the fact that the hero is being a gentleman to the heroine like when he hears her having a nightmare, he wakes her up and sits beside her until she is okay. We also learn that a nasty maid provided the s-outfit, claiming it to be from the hero's mother. I also liked the hero's go try to control his urges then then heroine gives him the okay. I also liked their mating bed went well and next we hear the last words of the hero's mother, which makes me happy. We do have a little confrontation with the heroine's kiss friend coming to find the heroine. The ending was good, but seriously, with all this new harlequin, it won't hurt to put in an extra page of a cute baby.

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