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Ellie and Sam meet on the night of a masquerade ball, fall in love at first sight, and spend a passionate night together. Though they part ways without ever revealing their true identities, Sam becomes obsessed with Ellie, and he is delighted when he discovers her working as a secretary at the bank he acquired. He must have her! However, Ellie's attitude is purely professional. To close the distance between them, Sam appoints Ellie his personal secretary. His relentless attempts to seduce Ellie nearly drive her out of her mind with passion!

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It was the costume's fault. 3  3

The heroine was supposed to meet and escort one of the bank's big investors but her costume's front was practically destroyed by branches and the fabric being flimsy. Then a stranger comes by and offers her a coat to cover up her state. They have a hot night that the heroine lists that if they ever meet again then they must act as strangers. The two of them definitely didn't suspect seeing each other again a month later at the heroine's bank. She becomes his secretary and gets acquainted with the yin and yang women of his life: his ex-wife (a real drama queen) and his mother (a smart woman). The heroine learns that one of the hero's biggest issues at the moment is his cousin who was like brother/friend is marrying the ex and he's not attending the wedding. His absence is causing the other relatives to think that he still has feelings for the ex, though he doesn't care for their opinion but his mother does. Then the hero asks the heroine to accompany his mother to the wedding and after a bit of persuasion she agrees to it. Then the hero takes her out for shopping (she pays with her own card) & out to dinner and gives her advice on what to look out for. He's also the one who reveals that he knows it's her from that night. They go at it but the heroine doesn't invite the hero into her apartment because she doesn't want him to see the fertility treatments pamphlets spread all around. The next morning, the hero has a cold attitude to the heroine and she's having a forgetful morning with meetings and plans that she hadn't discussed with the hero to meet his approval. Its a Monday to ruin all relationships. Shoot, the hero calls the heroine a whore for dressing in the outfit and it's a conversation headed for the South Pole that stops with the heroine quitting that day even with knowledge of losing her severance pay if she doesn't do the month notice. The hero comes by her house later that day with her office things, severance pay, and a letter of recommendation. It's just another conversation that turns south with the heroine throwing the hero out of her house, along with anything that he ever bought her. They don't see each other again for several weeks till the heroine gets a job and a going away party by her previous co-workers. The heroine meets the hero there and she still agrees to go with his mother to the wedding but not to rekindling the romance. The mother has no problem in flaunting the heroine around with how her relationship with her son is personal. The heroine is surprised to find the hero standing outside her hotel room with the goal of going to the wedding. Something that would make the bride and groom very happy, because they wanted him to be there for the groom. They go to dinner, the heroine ends up being one of the bridesmaid, and the hero tells the heroine why he and the ex never worked out: they got married because she got pregnant but she aborted it without even consulting him. It was only the foundation that led to their divorce. This was a nice heart to heart sort of thing for the hero and heroine. They confess their love, the ex and the family member have a great wedding and within two years, the heroine and hero are expecting their first child.

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