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Madeline is a doctor working hard to restructure the clinic her father left behind. When she finds out about a rival facility opening up next door, she goes to meet Marcus, the attractive doctor working there. Even though she just went through a painful breakup two months ago, Madeline can’t keep her eyes off his charming dimples.. Although she’d promised herself she’d never trust again, her friend is quick to remind her, “If you want to get over your ex quickly, you need to hop into bed with a good-looking guy!”

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The hero got a lot of heat from the heroine for being a natural therapist and a doctor to alternative medicine, despite the fact that he has a legitimate medical license. It all stems from her sister listening to the word of a quack like the hero but having no medical license and lied about doing appendix surgery on the sister (who was an adult at the time) when he did nothing. She died and the heroine bears a strong hatred. However, time and time again, the hero proves himself to be the real deal. Then ex-fiancée (who dumped the heroine previously) comes back and asks for a second chance but she's moved on. The hero finds out and helps her make a fresh start from the fiancée. The hero opens up about his ex-wife; how they first married for the child but she had a miscarriage. The heroine finds this is the perfect moment for rebound sex. She convinces the hero to go along with it and they go. Only they start developing a more romantic relationship into weeks. Then comes the big obstacle. The ex-wife comes back with news that she's pregnant and the hero is the father. The hero can't deny because he did have one night with her before he moved to the new hospital and met the heroine. This really sets their relationship on a shaky ground. The hero tries to talk to the heroine but she shuts him out even after he tells her that he loves her. She even say he should go back with the ex-wife and baby. However, a situation with the ex-wife gets her an ultrasound with the heroine who sees she's lying. She shows the hero and they prove the baby is too far along to be the hero's baby. The Ex breaks down in sobs about how it's the OM who dumped her when he found out. She decided to use the hero to make the OM jealous. The hero handled it pretty well and sends her away since she feels pretty guilty. The hero tries to contact the heroine but she still shuts him out. She only goes to him when her EX makes her realize that if the individual is worth then there's nothing to stop you. She goes to the heroine and apologizes for shutting him out and that she does love him. He asks for her forgiveness and we have a reconnect scene. They decide to get married and we have our end. It was a rather a nice story and I liked it.

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