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Six months after her husband’s tragic death, Shanna throws herself into high society’s nightlife in some feeble attempt to ward off her loneliness. Unfortunately, she’s caught the eye of wealthy playboy Rick Dalmont and he relentlessly pursues her, refusing to take no for an answer. What he doesn’t know is that a string of misfortunes had frozen her heart…and she’s not certain she could never love again.

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It lacked something 3  3

SPOILERS INCLUDED: This didn't feel like it had a great deal of romance to me, but was more like shifting perspectives and permitting the consequences. The leading lady is dealing with tragedy after tragedy. Overnight she goes from being the one who needs care to the caregiver, and then to betrayed, and then widowed, feeling responsible all the while due to a condition that was beyond her control to begin with. Under the hero's mostly tenacious attention she goes from waiting to die, to hopeful, to confident. Sadly, the hero seems to shift his poles in the opposite direction going g from cold and arrogant, to strong and supportive, to I can't live without you. That just went wrong for me in so many ways. It seriously made me worry for their future! Would she have to live through a repeat of her first husband if things took a bad turn? We can only hope not, because I'm not sure she could. I also agree that part of the story was missing art wise. As was stated below, we jump from pre-surgery melt down to evident success years down the road without a stop in between. As many times as he had claimed her as wife before any vows, it would have been nice to confirm they actually happened! I rented it on sale, and while there are times it truly tugs on the heartstrings, a rent is all I would personally recommend.

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Missing two panels 3  3

This one was going nicely until the end. There is an plea and then several years later. Since there were six panel scenes of the office building, at least two of those panels could've been used to show recovery and wedding scenes on the page before the last one. I'm not sure if artists use the term panel for each scene square, but that was what came to mind.

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melt the ice 3  3

This one was a particularly nice one because the heroine turned into the ice queen during the six months after her husband's passing. During this time, the hero has turned his attention towards her and tries to get to know her a little better everyday. She does hold out and while, it seems that she's being unfair towards the hero, she has had to deal with a lot in the past 1to 2 years. The hero becomes her boss after the heroine's brother and him conduct a business deal to buy the business that the heroine works. The heroine holds out strong against the hero and his antic and it's only until that he gives up that she actually starts looking his way. She even takes him to her house to be cared for due to his high fever. We also learn the downward spiral of pain for the heroine: She finds out that she has a dangerous heart condition that not only keeps her from having children but could give out any day, her dad dies unexpectedly, her husband unable to handle the heart condition news tries to die before her in his F-1 accident but fails, leads him to abuse and cheat her while he is alive and then he dies. So, yeah, it's understandable for the heroine to numb any emotions. In fact, not even her brother knows the whole story of the heart condition but the hero stays beside and stays strong. Except towards the end before the surgery when he unleashes his tears and fears of losing her. I loved how she held and reassured him that everything would fine it does become fine.

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