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Celeste thought she’d be handed the reins to her father’s company, but when her father passes off the business to Ben, she finds their relationship strained. Keeping an eye on how Ben handles the company might lead to him being a bigger influence on her life than just lightening her pocketbook, as fate threatens to change the best-grown plans of this botanical business.

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agree with Casandra 4  4

I really did like this despite the few short comings of the heroine whining to the hero that she'll tell her dad for this and that in order for him to get thrown out and she takes over the company. The hero and heroine had lonely childhoods with the father ignoring the heroine up until towards the end of the book where he actually said, "I'm sorry" for his past actions of neglecting her as a parent and now. I liked this roller coaster or a plot of how they fight, work, play, and enjoy each other's company. I also liked watching them deal with the escalating issues in their lives; for example, the heroine goes from thinking she'll be chosen as her father's successor to being replaced in both business and personal life to the hero becoming the ceo of a nearly bankrupt company and having to deal with the heroine who makes him consider searching for his birthparents. They come together and separate but are reunited after confronting their biggest issues from the heroine reconciling with her dad as stated earlier and the hero meeting his birth father for the first who accepts him along with the rest of their family. There is some tragedy but it works out as best as it can in the end. I enjoyed reading this book.

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This one was good 4  4

Sometimes I Complain about the fact that in reality something like what happens in these would never happen. I at times forget that the reason why I like many of them is because they are a impossible happy ending spin. This is one of those ones I enjoyed even though it is just a fairy tale. I liked the female main. She seemed too presumptuous (looking up the male main characters past after one fling instead of asking him.) Also at first her attitude about the male main character bothered me but then it seemed more sassy which I found interesting. I didn't like how she originally couldn't be happy for her father when he was getting married. However, despite these things I still liked her strength, business sense, and ability to put her foot down ultimately when things were going nowhere in their relationship and she knew the way things were she wouldn't get what she wanted out of it. So I respected her for that. The male main kinda bothered me. I liked him originally. However, when things started looking down for the company and he started worrying about everything he decided he wanted to stop being a life long bachelor? Finding his father (on his own later on.) had contributed to his decision which made it less irritating to me, but it still comes down to the fact that he was happy being alone until he started coming up on a rough patch and then he wants a companion. So that bothered me a bit. Still overall a excellent story. I enjoyed the art a lot. I look forward to reading it again sometime.

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