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Iseult’s family farm is in financial difficulties and about to be bought by Sheikh Nadim, ruler of a small Arabian country. When he comes to inspect the farm, he decides to return home with a racehorse and its trainer—Iseult! He not only took the farm away from her family but also stole her away from Ireland, leaving her struggling father behind! Will Iseult be able to tame Nadim? Will she be able to tame her own heart?

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One place to the next. 4  4

The heroine is pulled into quite a culture shock when she's ordered by the new owner of her family farm (the hero) to take one of their best horses from Ireland to Merkazad, a city in the the Middle East. It's quite a culture shock but she handles herself well. In fact, she impresses most of the staff when she handles an unruly yearling colt. However, she does incur the hero's wrath who's been afraid of any women coming close to a horse since his wife took a fatal fall from a horse and kicked in the head by a horse that killed both her and his unborn child. What I liked in the comic is being able to see the hero and heroine's point of view as we go along the book. We are able to see that the guilt from his wife's death has rendered him to feel that he is undeserving to love any woman. We get to see the hero and heroine in interesting situations as their attraction for each other grows stronger and stronger. One situation has the hero taking the heroine to the palace for her "safety". The heroine learns from the hero that, while the dead woman was his wife, it was by arrangement and he didn't love her but it looks like he did care for her. Then a big event leads the hero and heroine after a hot night when he sees her in the clothing for dancers. It's the same hot night and cold morning because the hero can only offer her pleasure and no love. The heroine agrees but after while, she can't take no love relationship anymore and tells the hero that she wants to be free. After a couple of days later since the heroine came back to Ireland, the hero goes to bring her back. Not as his mistress but as his wife because he too has fallen in love with her and was afraid of loving after losing the wife. The heroine tells the hero that he is not to blame and she loves them. The two of them take each other in their arms. It's a nice ending.

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2 1/2 stars and what's with all the redheads? 3  3

It's becoming a pet peeve of mine to read books where the female main character is a redhead. I think it's great sometimes, but lets have some variety. Also, on a harlequin manga where you have to fit all that information from the novel into a small one volume manga don't you think the fact that the female lead has red hair is not a priority piece of text? I just feel it's used too often and is not an important detail to the plot and makes it less immersive at times for non redhead girls. Now as far as the story in particular, it wasn't bad, It may be my least favorite out of the Sheikh harlequin but I usually like those ones best so I'd say it's about average for a harlequin manga. The black and white art was done well and while the beginning's pace was kinda jarring. Going from the lead male threatening and forcing the woman to drop everything and come to his country, to her having feelings for the man she was angry with and didn't even really know at all a couple pages later. It was still a fairly good read.

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