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Rhiannon’s best friend passed away not long after giving birth to a baby. Rhiannon tracked down the father, real-estate tycoon Lukas Petrakides, to tell him the news. However, he declared the baby was not his child and branded Rhiannon a blackmailer! Then, because he was so wary of the media, he whisked her away to his island in the Aegean Sea. Now that they’re all alone, what agreement can they come to?

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Story was pretty good, really straight forward and had a nice double twist. The heroine wanted to find the baby's father and trusted her friends dying words on who the father of the child was but it turns out that the man lied to her and wasn't who he said he was (said he was the hero but was actually the hero's nefew) so the heroine confronts hero in a public place drawing attention so he takes her to Greece. There she learns that the dad is very ill and dying (but conveniently the heroine is a nurse) and the dad loves her and the baby. So dying dad tells the hero to marry the heroine but the hero is a douche and when he proposes he does it in the rudest way saying it's only duty and there's no love, this obviously hurts the heroine so she rejects the hero. Then we hear more of the hero's story where his mom and sisters were so desperate for love it ruined their loves and the moms a bitch and broke the dad's heart and rejected the hero when he was little and that's why he refuses to acknowledge his real feelings for the heroine. Then the mega bitch of a mom returns to try to take the baby away from them so the heroine then agrees to marry the hero so they could look the part to keep the baby if they were taken to court. At the wedding right after the wedding is official the douche of a nefew shows up laughing saying they got DNA results back and the kid isn't his after all (jerk waited until after it was official so he could make fun of the hero for marrying only for duty and not love [double twist it was neither of their kid]) so wedding night the hero was a sleep on the couch but the heroine walks out naked and is all like nope we're married so they bang. Right after she then decides to try to take the baby back to England and says they should just get a divorce since he said it was only a duty but not since the baby isn't his nefews then she didn't want to get in his way. Finally this pushes the hero to admit that he does in fact love the heroine and want them to be a family regardless of who the kids real parents are. OVERALL this story was really sweet, only complaint was we don't know the real dad is which I guess that doesn't matter so 10/10.

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