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Confident and charismatic, CEO Alex is the object of every woman’s adoration. Even Dani, a dedicated professional who’s usually uninterested in men, can’t keep her eyes off him. One day she finds herself trapped in the elevator with him. In the grips of claustrophobia, Dani gives in to Alex'’s gentle gaze and finds comfort in his kiss. The next day Dani is suddenly fired by her temp agency. The video of her kiss with Alex has gone viral, setting off a giant scandal!

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So many things off from the novel 3  3

Looking at the reviews... i nearly didn't want read the novel... but in the novel the female had already take fancy with the male before the event in lift and i believed she never said she won't be a tool for men... and as for the male lead... he was so sweet~~ And i still don't read the comic but from the review the male lead friend lived with them... but from novel they didn't live together... his friend giving the male lead privacy to both of them and don't want to bother his friend lover... and there is no toy confersation... The male lead more soft and not insensitive... The female had already sleeping with the male not because she want the male lead find her the brother but it more sexual attractions between them (they are agree only for sex). I don't know how the comic is... but the novel is really fun to read them...

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Delicious 5  5

Highly dysfunctional but I still really enjoyed it.

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For a claustrophe with DV history, she sure likes that Elevator. 2  2

Is this girl for real? So many issues with this story. First 3 pages, She kept chanting she wont be a tool for men. Has a 3 second eye contract with an Alpha male boss and she couldnt stop wanting to take of her clothes in an elevator. LOL. Another major issue, living in with 2 male strangers in a big house where 1 already sexually assaulted her is also a big contradiction to what most DV sexually abused victims.I mean common sense dictates, be wary of men. What the heck is wrong with her. Those 2 men have far too little or no respect for her and neither does she. They call her precious toy, just their type for 3some, etc etc. Also, For someone who claimed she dropped everything to find her only brother, once she heard the guy said I'll help, she completely forgot about him and continue to be his little plaything, moved in and let him use her in exchange for staying there. What do we call people like her? Ugh, She is so unlikeable. Also, its quite unrealistic to not be paid because she did show up for work. Even if there are some contract issues, she must be paid. Ridiculous. ANd she just walked out. Didnt bother filing a complaint for wrongful termination, sexual harassment etc etc. And that last scene.. was so unnecessary. I mean, they might as well have that one elevator as PRVATE VIP ELEVATOR ONLY if they really like it there so much. Ok im done now.

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um... 3  3

I gave this story a 3. Though that's a fairly high rating for it. I have 2 huge issues with this story. The biggest is that it is a black boy out of a completely white cast that locks the female protagonist in the closet. I'd think it was purely coincidental if there was a single other black person in the whole story but there is not. Only the "bad" black child. I am not hypersensitive about such things in fact I usually get annoyed at hypersensitivity. But this... this was pretty blatant. Even though the story has this in it. I wouldn't write it off, it's still got good art. I liked the female lead for the most part, but some of her episodes were... off. From my experience being smothered by another human being (in this case making out) wouldn't help a real panic attack. It would make it worse. It doesn't matter how much you care for or are attracted to that person, you cannot breath.... a proposal in a elevator apparently is enough to cure her... which is quite ridiculous. Besides, what does elevators have to do with her trauma, yes she hid in closets in order to escape her step father as a child. I would think however, that enclosed spaces would make her feel more safe than engaging in sex with a man who she meet in an enclosed space... which by all rights should be traumatic given how similar the situation would actually be in that specific circumstance... well. All things considered despite my issues with it, it was a decent manga. I'm sure some people will enjoy it.

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