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India was shocked to discover her new husband Brad’s dark past from an anonymous letter delivered on her wedding night… A previous marriage, an indictment for assault and even a photo of a woman disfigured by violence… The impetuousness of her whirlwind romance with the charismatic young art dealer weighs on India. So, in a panic, she flees to an old castle in Brittany...….

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Great Art, the story, not so much. 2  2

Manga Pacing issues resulted in not understanding things that were said in multiple places, such as the part about wooden angels at the end, To say that there are Trust issues between the lead characters is a understatement. The Male Lead is a hero type who is always there to rescue the damsel in distress (the female lead) although he looks like a bad boy type in her eyes anyways. The female lead is a shallow, trust fund baby type of girl who left her previous fiance easily as soon as Brad her sexy boss she's afraid of comes into her life. She also over reacts in every situation and her first impulse is to run away from him. When these two make up it's like the female lead has bipolar or something and the male lead just keeps on watching over her well being as her mood swings all over the place. How can you claim to trust a person your with with your own words and at the same time trust nothing? By reading this manga these characters will show you a great example of what fake trust is. It's usually prevalent in both real life young people's relationships as well as shoujo anime and manga love stories but it can be seen in some adult relationships too unfortunately. That being said, the art in this is very good, I had only one qualm about it and its more my personal preference than anything, it's that when the guy took off his shirt his stomach and chest was super over muscularly defined, it came out, in my eyes, more like a caricature of a shirtless sexy man than a manga's sexy man drawing. Still it's a lot better than anything I could try to draw. It just looked funny to me that's all.

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just one problem with the couple 4  4

Trust issues. They each couldn't trust the other with what they were doing and feeling even after getting married. My biggest problem is the guy and how he says because of his first marriage, he can't trust people easily and yet you never told your wife about your personal life? I'd say more but that's a big SPOILER. The wife, her faith in her husband is so easily broken by words of an unknown person. And she refuses to confront him when it's necessary. Always too late. Still if it hadn't been for that I would have given it 5 stars.

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