Passion Romance BEING A BAD GIRL

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Marianne never doubted the life her parents chose for her, whether it was her clothes, food, or even her fiancé. She thought everything was fine until the day her fiancé left her. Shocked, Marianne left town to begin a new life. One night at a charity dating auction, she meets and bids on a rebel named Oz. When they share a passionate kiss, she feels as though she has been reborn. But then she learns he is actually a serious doctor—just the type of man her parents would choose for her!

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becky's comment - June 30th, 2017

I like how heroine walk out of the path paved out for her and it is interesting to see someone from a wealthy family giving it up and take her fate in her hand.

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gave a funny plot with good insight 4  4

The heroine is a bartender trainee who has been working under her cousin for a while. She's been trying to get back on her feet since the whole topsy turvy conundrum she experienced back in her hometown. She was the girl who did what her parents asked and expected of her. Things like getting engaged to a man of their choosing till the man not only confessed that he batted for the same team but he was batting with her cousin. The whole thing made her just walk away till her heels broke and she ended where her cousin was banished too. Now, she doesn't want a good boy like a doctor but a bad boy. Unfortunately, she doesn't understand the power of clothes because she takes one look at the hero and thinks he's the bad biker who she wants. Instead, the man is a doctor who became a parent to his six siblings at an early age (I felt like I was watching Super Nanny's ten year and look at them now). I like how the story went with the two slowly falling in love, helping each other confront their past and present issues. It was funny with all the costumes in the small town. It gave a real kick and I was laughing at it all. It felt fresh and meaningful and I would definitely recommend reading it.

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A unique and slightly weird love story 4  4

I found this story to be very unique and interesting. Although I wouldn't call it a favorite, it will definitely remain memorable to me even as I continue reading more and more harlequins. The doctor (male main character) was very smart and handsome but had an odd personality that conflicted with his image some of the time. The story was able to really able to illustrate how different his personality could be and I loved that part. The female lead grew on me as time went on as well. Coming from a wealthy restrictive family I can understand the desire to rebel, and it's really too bad too because it's always the people who's intentions are good and are trying to shield their children from a bad life that end up driving them to rebel by being too strict. So it's good that she ended up with a fake bad boy instead of a real one cause as naive as she was she could have ended up a lot worse off. Lastly, I know this sounds like a tiny thing to harp on but, the shoes were horrendous in this one. I don't know if it was ever a fad to have pointy toed clown shoes and boots but the way they were drawn hurt my eyes. It's too bad too because they seemed to emphasize the shoes in some panels but if they did without that the art was good for the most part. Overall, I'd suggest it for anyone looking for something different to read. I'd definitely enjoy reading it again sometime.

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