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Caroline is satisfied with her successful career as a public prosecutor until one day when she is unexpectedly reunited with a man from her past—Nick, the man she married after three weeks of dating and divorced four days later. More attractive than ever, he’s become a successful lawyer since they parted ways, and seeing him again makes Caroline ache with longing…and burn with the realization that she'’s still in love with him. Unfortunately, she can’t be distracted by lust, because she has far bigger problems to address…

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becky's comment - February 12th, 2016

it was a very interesting story that i could also learn about the judicial world. i felt that the artist depicted very well the sentiments and the feelings of the characters. I felt moved from the beginning till the end of the story. the Heroine has きず in her heart but gets healed while yaking care of a child who has the same wound and the true love of the Hero.

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3.5 rekindling the romance 4  4

The story is about reconciliation with one's love and partner. The story begins with the hero and heroine meeting on the usual battlefield of the courtroom with heroine being prosecutor to all criminals and the hero being their defendant. Surprisingly enough, the two got married in college via Las Vegas. However, it ended badly when the heroine saw on the news that man who killed her father was at large. She decided to go after the man to catch, despite the hero's common sense that there would be nothing she could do. His words spark a lot of ire from the heroine who shouts back about him knowing nothing. She goes after the man but it ends with him escaping and the heroine unable to do anything. She realizes what she did but she can't bear to go back to the hero and he serves divorce papers (even though they were waiting for the other to come for them). Now, three years later, the two have become work-alcoholics but are dedicating their time to charities that include kids who are going through a hard time. The heroine is placed with a young boy who suffered the loss of his father by a drive by and with his mom in the hospital, he's been in and out of foster home. Despite sharing a similar background, she has a hard time connecting with him. This is where the hero comes in to help the heroine by assuring her to relax and not think there's a monster around every corner. He breaks down her walls and opens up that he's still in love with her. The heroine lets him into her heart and things go well. The hero gets the little boy and his sick mother a house. Then he asks her to marry him and she says yes. We get a cute ending with the kids. It was a nice story and I enjoyed it.

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