Passion Romance SCENT OF A WOMAN

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He was tall, dark-haired and extremely handsome, and he was offering straitlaced Susan the adventure of a lifetime. Every week they would meet secretly at a luxury hotel suite, and there was just one rule—don’t ask questions. There were no tricks or lies, and pure chemistry kept them burning. But Susan hadn’t counted on falling in love with him…she didn'’t even know his name!

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A build up 5  5

I liked this book for a lot of reason because some of the roles were reversed. For example, it was the heroine who initiated the physical relationship and the hero to think of whether he wanted to take the step forward. I also liked that the hero isn't the typical CEO tycoon but a well known psychologist. I also liked that the heroine is the richer person but I wanted to know if the heroine had a job. Here is what I loved about the hero: 1) we get to see his thoughts throughout the entire book, 2) he is the first one to admit in the book that he wants "the woman" to commit his life to, 3) throughout the entire book, he has not been a jerk, arrogant, sexist, snob that we regularly see in harlequin comics, 4) he has a gentle side that is well balanced with his masculinity, 5) has a sense of humor, 6) expresses his emotions well. Here is what I liked about the heroine: 1) instead of the hero having a tragic love life, it's the heroine who has a gold digger of a ex-husband, 2) she is the first one to initiate sex, 3) she is also the one in charge of how the sex plays out; speaking metaphorically: she is on top. 4) Great handwriting: when telling the hero time and place with lipstick on the mirror, 5) the mysterious aura that she gives off to the hero, and 6) the way she describes the hero as "adorable". I loved how the plot went: they start in a physical relationship (but they haven't become one) and start building up to the both of them wanting to know more about the other. The heroine shows the typical hero fear of opening up because of past men trouble and the hero being a real gentleman, gently expresses his wants to know more about the heroine like saying what are her favorite movies or where she grew up. The hero is taking an interest in the woman and not the body: BIG SIGH OF HAPPINESS. I was actually scolding the heroine instead of the hero saying," This is a good person, don't push them away," I like how they stay committed to each other when outside parties try to push potential candidates onto them. I did find it ridiculous that the heroine immediately judged the hero in a negative way towards his job as a psychiatrist, because he studies people. That is ridiculous because everyone in the world studies each whether its for business deals or for fun. The psychiatrist just makes a living of it. Then the heroine calls the night off and that leaves the hero in a depressed state. We actually boo the heroine and cheer for the hero, which only makes me like the book more. I love seeing how they are both dealing with the same issue at the moment. The ending is the same as some harlequin with the hero ( our heroine) getting the wrong idea (again) about the heroine ( our hero) but I love it because it leads with the hero leaving and the heroine realizing what a fool she really is. I love the reconciliation with each other because it is sweet and humor full too. The ending was great as well because the main characters and their friends are all sitting together with a meal. It's book that I recommend reading.

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