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Greek Billionaire Cristos was drawn to his beautiful chauffeur Betsy. But as the self-possessed Cristos attempts to seduce Betsy in the car one day, the two are abducted and held captive on an abandoned island. Having little experience with matters of the heart, Betsy is bemused to find herself alone with the charismatic and sexy Cristos. She tries to tell herself they’re from different worlds, that she can’t let herself fall for him, but Betsy finds her resolve weakening against the seductive sweetness of Cristos…

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2.75-Not a good sister 3  3

I will say that I must that I was hoping for more. There were some pros and cons to this story. The pros: 1) the plot of how the hero and heroine winded up kidnapped by the heroine's company was good. 2) I liked that the heroine was a car lover, 3) when the investigators were cracking down on the heroine on the idea that she might be involved with the kidnapping and the hero stood up for her and earned some brownie points from me, 4) the hero has been interested in the heroine for six month before they were formally introduced, 5) the hero called the heroine and didn't wait for her, 6) the heroine resists having sex with the hero over the 50 page mark, 7) the heroine is a strong woman, and lastly, 8) the sister of the heroine giving the hero a piece of her mind (any sister would have done it to the man who "supposedly" used her sister). There were some positive but the negatives really had me on edge, 1) the hero failed to mention or even think that during the time they were kidnapped together and he was wooing the heroine into bed that he had a fiancee at the moment. Really?! You failed to mention this to the woman who has already been stung by love before. 2) The heroine's sister of having sex and getting pregnant by the heroine's 1st fiancee. I mean really, what kind of a sister gets so jealous of their other sister that they set out to steal their sister's fiancee? That act gives a bad name to all sisters. 3) The heroine's ex-fiancee now brother-in-law, I couldn't believe what the man did because if he loved the heroine, why did he have sex with the sister, that makes a lot of sense (sarcasm), 4) the heroine's attitude to the whole sister/fiancee thing, she was cool and would rather lie down than make a fuss. You have a right to make a fuss, your sister willingly had sex with the man you were going to marry and the man you were truly in love with had sex with your own relative before you. What I couldn't believe is that the sister commented after three years from the incident that the heroine should have clung onto the ex-fiancee, kicking and screaming. My opinion: NO! Don't cling onto the man who got your sister pregnant who was supposed to marry, don't cling on: scream and kick him.The heroine lost a lot of brownie points from me on that issue. And last, 5) when the heroine is confronted with the hero's fiancee and the hero says "wait for me" and the heroine says "Don't tell me that you want me to become your mistress?", and lastly the hero state"Well wait a minute. That not be a BAD IDEA." Nuh uh! Nuh uh! The loss of brownie points goes into the minus side zone. The hero doesn't correct but instead says that's not a bad idea. Not to mention that he said it in front of his current fiancee. Ugh! In the end, the little things look like they outweigh the big things but it doesn't really that much. It wasn't much a book to read.

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