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Ella, a scion of a noble family and a violinist, is known for her detachment, which has earned her the nickname Ice Princess. Men in her orchestra steer clear of her, trying to avoid her cold gaze. After a performance in Paris, she attends a reception where she falls under the sway of charismatic and dangerous Russian oligarch Vadim. She knows his reputation as a playboy and vows to keep her distance…yet on a stormy night she gives in to his seduction and the fire in her breast. But when Vadim learns of Ella’s virginity he coldly pushes her away—he won’t let her innocence ensnare him!

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Troubled hearts find each other 3  3

SPOILER ALERT: When our heroine (a famous violinist called the Ice Princess by other men in the orchestra) meets our hero (a self-made billionaire) after a performance, all sorts of warning bells go off in her head, but despite her trying to keep some distance. he makes it clear he wants to get to know her better over dinner. She puts him off, but then he shows up at her next performance. Feeling a migraine coming on, she escapes to a quiet greenhouse only to have the hero show up inviting her to dinner again. She says no, but he persists. She might be called the Ice Princess, but her music reveals a fiery passion that he wants to stoke. She hotly denies him, not wanting to get involved with a callous playboy like her father who has no respect for women, but he sets out to prove she is interested with a kiss. He thinks he’s proved his point when her migraine hits hard, and he shifts from playboy to gentleman offering to get her home, which he does to an – an empty mansion whose guesthouse she stays in - even carrying her to her bedroom and getting her medicine. He then claims a dinner date in return for his courtesy. While angry at his pomposity, she wonders if he’s kinder than her father. At practice, a friend pushes her to have a fling before she dies a nun. Shortly after she learns from her uncle that the mansion is being sold, but she’ll be allowed to continue using the guesthouse for the next 6 months. You can guess the buyer. Dinner is romantic, and he reveals his mother is the one who betrayed him as a child, and WE are made privy to the fact he lost a wife and child. Deciding to take her friend’s advice, she invites him home, but haunted by the memories of his wife stirred up by the heroine, he declines. She sees him, however, the very next morning when she discovers who is buying the mansion. We also learn, when he is introduced to the landlord’s daughter, how his wife and child died. That night, they end up eating take-out together and she speaks of her painful past while a storm rages outside. One thing leads to another, and they almost do the deed, until he realizes she’s a virgin – like his wife had been – and he backs off making callus excuses about virgins needing teaching and compensation. Hurt and disappointed, she runs off into the rain, but he stops her, listening as she blows up calling him heartless, and saying she just wanted someone experienced for her first time. He decides to make an exception for her which leads to an ongoing ‘friends-with-benefits’ relationship. Both, however, are falling in love but refusing to recognize it. When her next solo performance comes up, she is a nervous wreck until he shows up, and then all is right with the night. Afterward he whisks her away for a surprise 2-week vacation to meet his family, and she’s afraid she will really fall in love. It’s there she learns of his wife and child, and that he blames himself for driving them to their deaths with his workaholic ways. She wants to help him, but he doesn’t want to be helped, and she realizes she doing the same thing her mother did – investing her heart in a no-win relationship – and decides to get out. He says he won’t let her go, but when she asks, “Why not?” he can’t answer and would have let her go, but she passes out. Yep. She is, but his answer to the dilemma isn’t marriage, it’s side by side domiciles. When she refuses, he threatens to take her to court for custody, but before that discussion can happen he gets called to an emergency meeting at work. He orders her to be there when he gets back and leaves. That’s not an order she intends to obey and makes plans to disappear. At the meeting, the hero finds himself distracted, remembering the heroine’s expression when he threatened her, and remembering where he’d seen that expression before… on his wife just before she left him. Suddenly, that meeting has no importance what-so-ever, and he rushes home looking for the heroine. He finds her after a frantic search, and we get mutual confessions. The final pages have her soloing again, happily, for an audience of two. It was a nice story, and the art was even better. I rented it, and am happy with leaving it at that.

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