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For Katya the worst realization wasn’t the baby, it was knowing she’d fallen in love with Benedetto… Italian count and star surgeon Benedetto Medici is a notorious playboy. For Katya Petrova, a nurse with working-class roots, the gorgeous Italian was an object to venerate and admire from afar…until one night she saw Benedetto’s despair at losing the one he loved. How could she have known he was looking only for fleeting comfort in her arms?

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working towards each other's heart 3  3

I felt the story was interesting with dialog and the characters. We start off with the heroine going to see her one night stand, the hero who has many titles from doctor, Boss, Count, and Daddy. The heroine goes to him and see if he's the appropriate man who can raise the child because she doesn't plan on keeping the baby and if he doesn't meet standards then she's give up the baby for adoption. The heroine has a lot of criticism towards the hero for being a plastic surgeon that caters to the rich and wealthy but he shows her up by using his skills for people who really do need plastic surgery like children with cleft lips who been isolated by ignorant people. The hero is able to see parts of the heroine's past thanks to a selfish call from her negligent and blackmailing mother. The heroine accidentally lets it slip she's pregnant and her plans. It shocks the hero but nothing shocks him as to her decision of not caring for a child because of her childhood was filled with a negligent mother, caring for children at the age of eight, and the whole burn factor that the mother uses to brainwash the heroine that she can't take care of children. He tries to get her to marry him but she furiously rejects him. Especially when he states he can't love, which is something she desperately needs. The next few months are them building an emotional bond from discussions to ultrasounds. The hero sees the heroine does care about the baby with the way she caresses her stomach, even though she denies it. He's able to get to reveal about the burn incident that her little sister suffered when the mother was out with one of the boyfriends. The heroine was busying changing diapers and making dinner in their crummy apartment that she didn't see her sister get too close to the stove. The little sister got a burn scar for life and the mother placed all blame on the poor heroine when the fault lies with a selfish adult. The heroine reveals her fear about not knowing how to be a mother or giving a love when she lived with her birth mother. The hero comforts her just like she did when he got news of his brother and his sister-in-law's deaths. Just as the heroine is getting comfortable, the heroine hears about how the sister-in-law was the hero's previous lover till she married the hero's brother. She confronts him about it and he reveals that he saw them kissing when she was his lover and it's why he left home and never came back. They tried to reconcile with him but he refused till it was too late with their accident. It breaks out into a fight about love because the hero thinks that loving their child will be enough but he seems to forget that the heroine still has that little unloved girl who wants love. A scare incident causes the heroine to realize she can't give her baby to the hero and she disappears for two weeks till the hero finds her again. He wants an explanation and gives a pretty good speech. He relates about after he left home, he gave up on life and love till their one night but he was cold because he was still reeling the fear of rejection like with his previous lover. However, he finds he can't live without the heroine. He finally says, "I love you" and it ends happily. I only wish we got to see the cute baby.

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