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Attorney Alison Whitman makes the decision to have a child through IVF. But once she becomes pregnant, she discovers that there’s been a mix-up about the sperm donor! Alison goes to inform the father, Maximo Rossi, about the situation, hoping to get him to sign away his parental rights. But when she arrives at his gorgeous mansion, he tells her quite seriously, “I’m the crown prince of the Mediterranean kingdom of Turan. If what you say is true, then the baby will also be an heir to the throne…”

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becky's comment - June 17th, 2016

Sperm donor who happened to be a prince ! A mistake leading to a beautiful modern fairy tale. If you love fairy tale, this is the book to read.

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Modern perfect prince 5  5

When reading this book, I was falling in love with the hero. The man was just so perfect, I was wondering if the heroine wasn't in some sort of coma for the man to be that good. In the beginning, the heroine went through a insemination to find out that the company that provided the donor misplaced sample and now she is pregnant with another man's baby. It's not that she is pregnant with a stranger but she doesn't know if the donor is a carrier of a certain genetic disease. The heroine is a lawyer, who decides to see the hero if he will take the test to see if he has the disease. How his sperm was there at the company was because his wife and him were going through fertility issues and they had his sperm frozen then two years ago from when the hero and heroine meet, she died in a car accident. When the hero learns that he is going to be a father, he demands the heroine to see the carrier of his child and the fact that he wants to be completely 100% percent involved with the baby. The heroine is shocked because past experiences have shaped her mind into that men don't want anything to do with children. The hero was winning a whole lot of brownie points from me. The heroine reveals that she is the pregnant one and the hero tries to be a gentleman and wants to comprise with the heroine. The heroine being an adult tells him her reasons for coming to him. They seek a comprise of the hero taking the test in his country and the heroine learns the truth: the hero is an actual prince. That is the shock of a lifetime. Although, it was surprising that for a heroine whose business is a divorce lawyer, they need to look up information about the other party. It made me curious of why didn't she do that? i love that the hero is attentive to the heroine with ginger ale and salt crackers for morning sickness. I also like that he isn't pushing for a paternity test. He is a bit of a charmer but he reveals one of his flaws: stubbornness. He tells the heroine that they are going to get married and when she says she wanted a family. The hero's logic: family-female + partner+ vow of marriage= family.I liked that unlike many harlequin's heroes with their rude comments on the heroine's dress, the hero says complimentary things to her. I admit that the hero was a bit quick on the heroine meeting his family, the hero's mother was a bit reluctant at first, but they easily accepted her. So, it fine, except for the lie of the hero and the heroine traditionally conceiving a baby rather than a mix up of artificial insemination. The heroine feels terrible but the hero reassures and they head for the home run till the heroine reveals that she is a virgin. Then she gets mad at the hero for having a shocked face and I don't blame him because it isn't every day that you hear a beautiful woman getting artificial inseminated and never having sex. I also liked that the hero and heroine for a couple of things from not being a ten age difference from each other and the fact that the heroine isn't the usual 19 to 20 year old girl. I also like that the next morning, the hero quickly talks with the heroine and explains why he was shocked with wonderful compliments about the woman. And guess what, he gets down on one knee before the heroine and it's not even the end of the book. It just keeps getting better with the hero's statement that he will wait till the heroine's ready for an intimate intercourse, which doesn't take five minutes but actually a couple of weeks. Thank goodness, I was hoping for a challenge from the heroine. Then what the hero said won the jackpot of brownie points: "what I want is for you to trust me,". Then they do a honeymoon first before the wedding, which is not so bad, considering that they're having a baby but barely know each other so they like to go out of order. They go on this trip to learn more about each other and it's so great. Especially, when they learn that the hero isn't the carrier of the disease and the heroine is finally able to completely open up to the hero who takes her in a deep hug and it goes up with happy tone from there. The ending was so adorable with the baby. It was a great story that is definitely worth not only renting but buying.

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