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Tate, the only daughter of a multi-millionaire, has already been kidnapped twice in the past, and it has causing a deep wound on her heartscarred her mind. Her therapist proposes a rather unconventional treatment, —a "fake kidnapping". If she re-experiences the kidnapping in a controlled environment, it could help her get over her past trauma. The idea scares her, but her bodyguard, Michael, the man she'’s secretly in love with, will be with her the whole time. Tate resolves herself to do it. However, a kidnapper in disguise overtakes hertakes advantage of the situation, and she'’s separated from Michael. She awakes to find herself in an unfamiliar cruiserunfamiliar surroundings. CIs this part of the therapy or could this be a real kidnapping after all? Oh, no! Save her, Michael!

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What happened to self defense? 3  3

If my child was kidnapped twice, I wouldn't have gotten just a bodyguard but taught her Karate, Kickboxing, tae kwon do, etc. to teach her how to protect herself and gain the confidence. This poor girl needed help since the last kidnapping ended with her cousin's murder. Good thing, she's getting therapy and the therapist has brought up a fake kidnapping in order to help her keep control of her body and not have panic attacks. Unfortunately, this whole thing plays into the real kidnapper's hands and it doesn't help that the bodyguard (who's the hero)'s brother is part of the whole thing. When the real kidnapping happens and the hero reaches their hideout, he's caught and has to lie about giving his brother the inside information. He also gives them information in order to get alone with the heroine to tell her about what's going on and asks her to trust him. In the close quarters under the pressure of being killed, the two's feelings grow stronger and stronger. Then she finds out about the family relationship and keeps a distance between herself and the hero. The hero tells her about how his brother has always been a troublemaker who blames everyone but himself when his trouble gets him in too deep. When they finally reach their destination, the hero and heroine are separated. The heroine is taken to the bank with the head honcho to sign over all the money but the bank representative is a perceptive man who gives the heroine a secret message to tell if she's in danger. She catches it and they catch the leader and the hero takes care of the other bad guys on the boat but gets injured in the end. The heroine is rescued but she faints when she sees the hero on a stretcher. The heroine wakes up in her father's hard hug and declares her love for the hero and cuts her hair as a sign of making a new life for her with the hero who happily accepts her love and returns her love with his. It's a nice ending but I felt that it was only the start of a blooming romance and this book was only about the budding romance.

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More action, no romance 1  1

This one was a page turner. I had to know how things worked out, but I'm guessing the original would probably have more details. The manga felt a little superficial. The characters didn't have much depth. It explained hints of the back story for both the hero and heroine, but it didn't go in depth. The heroine has been sheltered by her father because of the kidnappings she's faced. Hero has been discharged from the army because of his brother (we don't learn why) and he's her bodyguard. In this story she's already in love with him, and she's trying to get back on to her feet, hence her therapy of a fake kidnapping. However, the kidnapping is quite real, thanks to hero's brother's interference. Hero gets himself kidnapped, there's not much chemistry between them but somehow hero admits he's in love with the Beijing as well during the time of them being hostages. And they manage to get out of the situation, both hero and heroine in their own ways and it seemed a little anticlimactic with them claiming their love for each other again after the episode and close credits. Would have been nice to have a future scenario or something. Felt a little unfinished and rushed.

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