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When Anne felt the bride’s bouquet bounce off her head at a wedding ceremony, she heard a fellow guest say, “I guess you’re next.” And the speaker was the famous novelist Mark Rayne! But Anne, who had recently been abandoned by her fiancé and who was desperately trying to support her ailing father, inadvertently left Mark with the impression that she wasn’t interested in him. As she left the party, Anne could only sigh at the lost opportunity… But just a few days later, they reunite at a beautiful town by the sea…will they both be swept away?

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becky's comment - September 30th, 2016

The hero and heroine in this comic both have gentle eyes and I personally like the drawings. The characters and background look so dreamy.

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it was good 4  4

The heroine is suffering the loss of her father and fiancée. Apparently, the man left after the heroine's father died because the heroine spent so much time taking care of the sick father in his final years. Now, she decides to focus everything on her career. During one of her jobs, she runs into the famous novelist hero at a wedding. They have short conversation then he stays over the night at her place after he brings her an important piece of her equipment back (nothing happens, he fell asleep on the couch). The heroine is cool when he apologizes for staying over at her place. He does flirt a bit even after discovering she's wearing her engagement ring. Yet, the heroine lies about being engaged since she's not ready to put herself on the market. Next, they meet again on another job and the hero hires her to be his computer tutor and assistant on a variety of things. It's there that the romance slowly blooms but things do go south what with the hero remembering the heroine is engaged and her finding out about his son the hard way. I mean, she was flexible with taking care and looking after the kid till the hero came home. Then the hero finds out about the failed engagement, they don't raise much of a fuss because they can see from the other's point of view. I actually liked it because having the whole secret turn a conversation in a battlefield can be tiring. They spend more time together as three then two then back to three. Next, the hero and heroine that his ex-wife's husband is pushing to adopt the son because they don't have kids and he wants an heir. Sadly, he asks the heroine for a marriage of convenience but she rejects it for obvious reasons. She leaves but decides to go back to the hero because she loves him. When she knocks on the door, the OW shows up to claim that she's the hero's fiancée and the heroine leaves in tears. A week later, the heroine is sent to the hero by her colleagues who were in collaboration with the hero to have him reunite with the heroine. He tells her that the OW and him were long over but she didn't want to give up. The fight for custody with ex-wife and her rich husband is over because ex-wife didn't want to be a mother. He asks the heroine to marry in a really romantic way and she says yes. It was quite a good story because I felt there was a development and confirmation more on one's feelings first before the coitus.

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