Seasonal Romance THE SULTAN'S CHOICE

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Shy, stutter-prone Samia has been told that she’s a gangly, gawky girl who will never amount to anything, but thanks to her royal bloodline, she’s been prepared and presented as a woman fit to rule. And even ifshe can’t marry for love, she can at least be wed off for the sake of diplomacy. After seeing the way the way his father treated his mother, Sadiq thought that he would never love, so when these two are united, they expect nothing to come from it. Yet their desert kingdom of romance may soon grow roses of love…

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So sad it ended so quick 5  5

Loved it from beginning to end. I just sad it was a short story!!!!

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not sure 3  3

I feel as if I wanted more from this book once I finished reading it. When I first read, I found the whole awkward girl in an arabian court was good touch. I also loved that the heroine has a job in the beginning as an archivist at the British library, which you may think is ordinary but working at the largest library in the world is amazing. I liked that the hero and the heroine shared the same background with the heroine having a horrible stepmother and the hero's abusive father forcing his mother to marry him. Yep, the man didn't know love, only obsession. I found it interesting that the heroine didn't hate the stepmother because she realized that the stepmother was lacking love from the father who was still torn over the heroine's mother's death. The heroine's accomplishments amaze me from working on conquering her stutter to sailing across the ocean on a boat made up of recycled materials. She is amazing so why she does let herself get pushed around by the hero. The hero tries to act all formal because of his father's abuse on his mother, not wanting to become a self-obsessed horrible man and the fact that he got burned by someone that he admitted loving. It was interesting to see how the hero was dealing with his issues of reason vs. emotion. Not to mention seeing his side. However, I just wanted to hit him over the head and say, "Woo this woman," He does make one attempt but the heroine says something silly, which leads the hero back to cold ice. Not to mention that when she retires to find something to do like working with environmental groups, he cuts her off with no on the idea of a child. Hmmm, this is the same man who doesn't want to be like his father who was controlling his mother and yet, he won't let the heroine go and do something she loves that will help your country?! The ending was sweet but I wanted to see a baby.

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