[Bundle] Fool's Paradise

[Bundle] Fool's Paradise

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[Bundle] Fool's Paradise

This bundle contains :Fool's Paradise 1 , Fool's Paradise 2 and Fool's Paradise 3
It is 1586 in England. Princess Elizabeth is walking through the town without an escort. Her father has died suddenly and unexpectedly and she is on the run from Sir Robert, who is trying to force her to marry him. She is on her way to the palace to see her godmother, Queen Elizabeth, to get her help. On her way, she meets a jester named Tarleton. Carefree yet rather cunning, she asks for his help. She cuts off her beautiful golden locks to disguise herself as a young boy and apprentice to the jester. This is the beginning of their travels...and such a turbulent journey it will be...

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Well worth it! 5  5

"Would you like to hear a story? About murder, subterfuge, death... and eternal love...?" Fleeing a treacherous marriage, Lady Elizabeth encounters Tarleton, a common born traveling jester with a royal license. As godchild to Queen Elizabeth, Lady Elizabeth is convinced if she can reach the court, the queen will protect her so entreats Tarleton to escort her. He refuses to escort a lady, but is willing to take on an 'apprentice'. And so the noble Elizabeth is shorn of her golden cascade and trades her satin gown for men's garb to become the lad Robin. In the space of a day her life is up ended as she goes from slippers to bare feet, from riding to walking, from canopied beds to stable lofts and kitchen floors, from roast pheasant to chicken(less) soup and course bread, from being pampered to laboring. And along the way she learns to sing, how to ride a mountain goat :D, and she learns what it means to love someone. But these are troubled times when political marriages trump love, when commoners can be executed for touching a noble, and where court intrigue can get be just as deadly. This was a good story, and letting it develop over the course of 3 books gave their relationship time to build. I especially like the silent vows and 'golden' ring acknowledgement of that love. It was very touching. There were a few times where some bit of illogic threw off the flow or realism of the story, but nothing that actually disrupted it. There were also a few moments where I was reaching for a tissue. Even though I bought this on sale, because it is a bundle, that means I spent more than I would usually ever consider, however I don't regret it. The art alone is worth perusing, but it is also a good story, good enough to even overcome its shortfalls and leave you wishing there was a book 4.

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