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Even though her husband is a count, Miranda never really thought about their social status. But then, one day, after nothing but happy times between them, Dante suddenly calls Miranda a harlot and disappears with their son. Miranda, not understanding the reason behind this, is obviously bewildered, but then Dante contacts her again out of the blue. He tells her to come at once to his villa in Italy. Miranda goes to the villa, hoping to question her husband about how he’s treated her, but when she sees how wealthy he truly is, it only makes her realize how powerless she is…

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a marriage almost ruined 3  3

Boy, their marriage was nearly ruined by a guy with problems who got away too much as a child. So, the hero and heroine meet and have a wonderful relationship that turns into a marriage that had blessing of adding a sweet little boy. Although, all marriages are a working progress and this one was no different. The heroine is trying to be supportive of the hero and his many work hours that he spends. The hero is believes in the heroine despite his younger brother saying how she's an addict, alcoholic, and neglects their son. This is all until the hero comes home to find the brother saying the heroine is upstairs with bottles of wine and drugs scattered around. The hero goes up and sees it and kicks the heroine out of house and plans to divorce her. The heroine can't remember a thing except that the brother came with a bottle of wine that she took one sip of then fell asleep (sleeping draught). She tries to see her son but the hero denies her until the son's cries for his mother push the hero to let her back into the house. However, he says that their relationship as husband and wife is over and such. The heroine is dejected but she tries to figure out what happened and prove her innocence. However, their agreement becomes broken when they get close until the heroine says I love you to the hero who rejects because he still believes his brother's words and can't go back to a woman who did all that behind his back. Then the brother comes along and the heroine realizes that the brother is the mastermind who tried to destroy their relationship. The hero also tells the heroine that despite what his brother and driver said, he sees with his own eyes of how the heroine is with their son and he thinks he was wrong. They go back to bed but the heroine remembers from that night and thinks she may have been raped by the brother and might be pregnant with his child. She has no idea what to do and no one to tell. The heroine learns the brother was neglected and the hero tried to love but she can tell from the stories that the brother was mostly lying to the hero to get his own way. Her sister comes along and the heroine relays everything to her and the sister stands by her side. The sister also knows that the brother's personality is horrible from how they dated for a short time. The on the night of the party, the hero sees the brother slip a powder in a drink. He becomes worried and goes after him with the heroine following behind. They see him taking the sleepy sister away from the party and the hero demands to know. The brother tries to lie but it doesn't work and he finds the empty packet of powder in the inside pocket of the brother's suit. When the hero demands to know why the brother did it in the first place, the brother confesses that he hated the hero that he wanted to destroy everything he held dear. Then he tries to convince the hero to let him go and not bring up the attempted date rape charge but the hero shouts that he won't and how the brother ruined his marriage. The heroine thinks the hero's outburst means that their marriage is over and leaves when the hero asks her to. Later on, the hero comes to the heroine's room after handing his brother over to the police. He apologizes to the heroine for not believing in her and says that the brother never did anything to her because the hero came home earlier than expected. The last scenes are lovely with the forgiveness and love between the two. The heroine confesses that she's pregnant again and we end on the story with the hero, heroine, and their little boy together.

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