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Anna is a kind-hearted ob-gyn with a solid reputation and her days are packed, but she has a secret hiding in her past. Five years ago, she was so in love with her husband that she left him for his own good. Anna had no regrets about that decision…until the day her ex-husband, Sam, transferred to the hospital where she works. Anna tries to keep her cool, but when Sam gets so close she can almost feel his pulse, happy memories from the past come flooding back. What will it take for her to realize that her heart and body still long for him?

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Irksome 2  2

I couldn't even finish it. The female main character's selfishness was driving me nuts.

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hard to say 3  3

In this book, we have the typical hero and heroine infertility problem that basically destroys their relationship. Instead of the hero with his fertility problems, its the heroine who ends the relationship because she thinks that the hero is better off with having a child, not a better wife, friend, and lover all in one than her. The hero loves the heroine even though she broke his heart and left. They are victims of an issue but I have to say that I was little disappointed at the heroine because of her reasons for leaving the hero because of her infertility. The first is that she left him believing he would be happier if he had a family. The reason why it is wrong is because he chose her to marry and start a family, which leads us to the question that the hero asked, "Why didn't you want to adopt?. Her reason is that she wanted kids only by him and most likely, a child that looked like him. As much I would find this reason cute, it seems a bit cruel. Perhaps he wanted children only through her and a cute child like her but since they couldn't conceive then he thought of having a family by raising a child that didn't have a family. The idea that the heroine couldn't abide by the notion of giving one child of the millions who don't have a home one just makes me grimace. Then throughout the book, the heroine is hot and cold in their relationship as both coworkers and ex-spouses since their reunion from their divorce three years later. I loved that the hero still loves the heroine for who she is and I really wanted him to get that happily ever after. I don't know what to make of the heroine because I don't understand but I get the idea that unable to share something as precious as a child with the one person you love is devastating, not to mention your mother-in-law asking you to break up so that your husband can find a fertile woman and have an heir for a hospital. She also fails to realize until more than halfway through the book that even though when they didn't have children, she was happy with him. She failed to see what she had, thinking her great sacrifice would benefit the hero when it only broke them both. Then when the heroine finds out her pregnancy after a nasty fight and good-bye from the hero, she thinks that she will finally be with the man she loves. Not really because a marriage isn't about starting a family, it's only a small bonus, the family is being with the one who you want to commitment till death do you part, a bond between two people, not on a condition that the party has to produce a child. I did like that the heroine admitted her selfishness since she realized that her hard journey to have a baby and thinking of the hero's happiness for herself made her blind to what the hero's happiness really was. The ending was cute but their were some things that I had trouble with.

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