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He probably thinks he has only to stand there to seduce women. Cally goes to a bar with a mysterious, handsome man she met at an auction, and they end up sharing a passionate kiss. Cally is a painting restorator, and she was desperate when she lost the paintings she longed to work on at the auction. But the man bandons her after their kiss, leaving her unsatisfied. The next day, she receives an email. The prince of an island in the Mediterranean Sea wants her to restore his paintings. What Cally doesn'’t know is that the prince is the man she shared the kiss with, and he'’s also the one who bought the paintings she yearns to work on!

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interesting with how it went 4  4

The heroine is an art restorer, recently hired by a mysterious collector of some art pieces she wanted to restore. Then she discovers the collector is the hero who she met at the art auction. There is a bit of a spat but they come to terms. The heroine learns that the hero is the prince who recently came into power after the death of his older brother in an accident. The heroine takes the restoration job even though conditions would be she can't put the job on her resume and they will never see public eye. Then the heroine gets into big trouble with the hero because she revealed to her sister the journalist about the paintings and it was one of the conditions. The heroine is at fault completely but she manages to stay on board with the project; although she's on thin ice with the hero. I side with the hero and his privacy thing is actually royal family law that was broken when his older brother married a gold digging, attention seeking woman who only used the older brother to sate her ego and fill her purse. Even after his brother's death, she keeps showing up and being a complete pain. The hero and heroine are at odds with one another that slowly dissolves. Then they have the passionate night but come after they suddenly remember about protection and it once again puts distance between them. Although, it's only for a moment and for the next several weeks, they engage couple's activities. The heroine finds herself in love but the hero's words of keeping their relationship alive but no hope of marriage puts her down. Things only get bad after the heroine finishes her work and meets the OW with her bump. She proclaims the hero is the father and spews more lies. Sadly, the heroine believes it because she was already used by one guy in the past. The hero comes by and she confronts him; yet, hurtful things are said from both sides. The heroine leaves and discovers she's pregnant but doesn't plan to tell the hero. However, thanks to the media with the heroine's picture on an art page with her bump sends the hero running. He tells the heroine that he's not the father of the OW's child and it's the child of her new beau. He tells the heroine he couldn't bear not having her by his side and asks her to marry him. She happily responds yes but things aren't just done yet. The heroine learns the hero's parentage has no royal blood and he admits it but needed to keep the whole thing secret because the OW would have used her child as heir to the throne since it's stipulated in royal law that it can be done. Now, that the OW is married, there's not problem but the hero doesn't need to marry the heroine but that he wants to marry her. Afterwards, the rest is pretty good but spoiler: no baby scenes.

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