Romantic Suspence THE UNKNOWN WOMAN

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Kerry has recently been dumped by her fiancé and is feeling down when she receives a trip to New Orleans as a present from her friends. When she visits a fortune teller at the beginning of her trip, she is told that a fantastic romantic adventure awaits her. That night, Kerry hears some suspicious noises coming from the hotel room next to hers, and when she goes over to look, a man rushes out to meet her. He says there is a strange woman passed out in his bed. Timidly, she enters the room and sees that the woman on the bed is the fortune teller Kerry had met that very afternoon…and she’s dead. The man introduces himself as Matt, and so begins an adventure Kerry could never have imagined!

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is it the couple or the woman? 3.5 stars 3  3

This story had me conflicted because I was going back and forth between what was the story all about. First, we have a heroine who go to New Orleans for a getting over a four year engagement breakup because her stupid fiancee fell in love with his first love who came back with a child. I am angry of the fiancee for leaving the heroine in the lurch but a four year engagement has me wondering of their relationship, were they dating those three years then becoming engaged to be married or for four years seriously in that engaged to be married. I know that the heroine is a dentist, but there are a lot of easy ways to have a wedding like make it a potluck reception but why wait for four years. Moving on, there were a couple of things that I liked about was the setting, not the usual Greece beach but a city that is full so much diverse culture between french, cajun, etc. It's fascinating not to mention I liked that the heroine's background is from minnesota and she is a dentist, a refreshing career from the usual harlequin. I liked the hero because he is an artist, well to be specific a wine critique for a magazine. I call him an artist because he writes about wine so he must not only have a good mind on the right words when describing a wine but also excellent taste buds. They meet because of one woman they met separately alive and when she was found dead, she was found together. This starts on a journey to find out more about the woman who leaves some cliff hangers. We find out that the woman was into voodoo, but the nice kind and came from a ruined but once distinguished family from New Orleans, and that she was in a relationship with the rival family's only son. It's a Romeo and Juliet gone wrong with Romeo having lost his Juliet. I did like that the hero and the heroine learn more about each other, doing activities like building floats and searching for the proper burial place for the woman. I also liked that the hero is a gentleman by politely declining the heroine's drunken question on having sex. I also liked that they had sex after they finished the burial for the woman and that it wasn't halfway in the book. However, it felt a bit confusing for me because I don't know whether we were reading a romance or a mystery on the backstory of the woman and how she died. We learn from Romeo that he was engaged to a woman of his "standing" and that he was convincing to make the woman his mistress the woman agreed. Then she willingly took an aphrodisiac from her teacher that causes her to have a harsh allergic reaction. However, she took anyway leaving the question of whether it was accidental death or suicide because she must have known her allergy and after learning from the teacher of the herbs used, would have figured out what could kill her. I did like the ending though for the hero and heroine. It was really nice.

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