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Jennifer has always loved James, the wealthy boy next door. When she was old enough, she confessed her feelings for James and invited him into her bed, but he declined, saying she was like a sister to him. Now, four years later, the once-plain Jennifer has become a startling beauty and is enjoying her life with popular artist Patrick. But deep inside, her heart still burns for James. So when Jennifer encounters James again, she isn’t able to resist him, and she insists she needs only one chance with him to make her forget about that humiliating night!

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fine. 3  3

The hero and heroine have known each other since they were kids with the considerable age gap (six years). They were close till they started getting older and the hero moved on to other ladies. The heroine developed a crush on him but never seemed to make any move. They meet again when the heroine's dad notifies the hero that she's in his two for the short time. He takes her out for a graduation celebration. It goes south badly when she sees the lollipop bouquet and thinks he's still treating her like a child but seemed to miss they were condom one. Then the hero takes her back in her drunken state and she confesses her desire to be with him. He rejects it and shows her the condom ones he gave her were for her own protection. The heroine is embarrassed, insulted, and heartbroken and the hero leaves. She stays in town for four more years and during which, she finds a diamond in the rough friend who turns out to be a up and coming celebrity. Truthfully, the friend is a down to earth, house guy who's secretly shy and gay. However, both heroine and her father know and love him for him. The heroine and friend became each other's rock but the heroine is still hung up on the hero. The heroine and her father try to avoid the hero but there are exceptions especially when the heroine goes home alone to find the hero waiting in the snow. They end up getting trapped in the heroine's old home and completely cut off from the world. The heroine tries to be stoic with the hero but it doesn't work. They end up opening to a lot of things like the hero being bitten that was supposed to be his lover at the time of his father's funeral but turned out to be a the lover of a rival company who was trying to bankrupt the hero's company. Things move forward but afterwards, the heroine closes off from the hero. Then the friend comes in and tension flies between the two men. The hero is jealous towards the friend with the friend feeling attraction for him. Then the heroine discovers she's pregnant with the friend ready at her side in marital sense since he wants kids. The heroine thinks about it but the friend in his "diabolical scheme" goes to the hero to reveal the heroine's pregnancy and goad him into taking action by stating he's going to be the child's father and the heroine's husband then revealing his sexuality. The hero is thrown for a loop but he does know what he has to do. His first attempt of strong arming does not go well. The hero does learn and backs down with working on developing a relationship with the heroine. Months pass and the heroine is set for maternity leave with the friend going on a long business trip that will make him miss the birth. The hero comes by and while there is still tension between the men, they have reached an understanding for the ones they love. The hero takes the heroine to the house he's picked for them personally. He sits the heroine down and confesses his love for her and she does to him. Then she asks him to be faithful and he's flabbergasted stating he's never been with anyone since their night together. The ending was cute with him cuddling her belly and she strokes his hair.

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Age gap 2  2

the hero and heroine have known each other for quite long of the period heroine is hydrolysed or we can say mesmerized or his is the only man she can imagine you married and in her mind his only person she should be in love with you can do anything for him when she was small she will ask him with the help of the homework and I will always to can always see that help each other and somehow she's a red headed person she is not ideal woman that the hero wants but she wants to be one of the order soon as time passes both of them see each other as a life partner. Cathy Williams was born in the island of Trinidad, the West Indies. She is a great believer in the power of perseverance as she had never written anything before (apart from school essays a lifetime ago!) and from the starting point of zero has now fulfilled her ambition to pursue this most enjoyable of careers. She has been writing Mills & Boon romances since 1990. Her hopes are to continue writing romantic fiction and providing those eternal tales of love and romance for which, she feels, we all strive. She derives inspiration from the hot, lazy tropical island of Trinidad, from the peaceful countryside of middle England and of course from her many friends who are a rich source of plots and are particularly garrulous when it comes to describing Mills & Boon heroes. is difference and specially class restaurants is quite a challenge in any story or any kind of a novel it's quite interesting to see what twist and turns the story takes one its it started.

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