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Gemma Cardone loves working with her boss, Cesare Marinetti, so she’s distraught when Stefano takes over the family businesswhile Cesare is in the hospital. Doing the numbers, the strict Stefano finds that the same amount of money has gone missing every month, right when Gemma and Cesare leave the country. Sure that something isn’t right, Stefano demands that she pay him and the company back every cent. And if she won’t give him the money, he’ll just have to find another way to exact payment…

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a new hidden title 4  4

I liked the heroine's hidden title in this one because all the usual ones get boring. Hidden titles we have in the story are either long lost son/daughter be they blood or under guardianship or the long lost brother/sister. The heroine isn't any long lost someone, she's simply a bone marrow donor. However, her bone marrow matches with a little girl who has leukemia. She meets the little girl and her father who recently discovered about his daughter's existence but needs to keep it a secret since her existence would show his infidelity to his marriage. Not to mention his family has been on the frazzled since the death of his older son, daughter-in-law, and grandchild. Unfortunately, their constant visits with huge withdrawals catches both the wife and the hero's eyes. Before anything can be done, the father and wife are in an accident with the wife being dead and the father heavily injured. He only has enough strength to tell the heroine to hide the daughter's existence. The heroine does but she is also caught by the hero who thinks she's his father's mistress since her being hired was before the constant trips and money withdrawals. The hero is sadly going off his own experience from when his gold-digging girlfriend moved on from him to his older brother the heir. She managed to wrap everyone around her finger and it caused a rift between family members. Now, the hero is managing the father's business with the full on revenge plan against the heroine by having her as his secretary. The hero is upfront about the whole thing and while the heroine lies about where some of the money goes, she tries to remain truthful. However, the hero holds up her family's hotel as collateral, demands a repayment on the money spent, and places himself on the heroine's hate list. Then he reveals the truth of her brother a recent reformed gambler has fallen back into bad habits with not only selling his boat (his job) but putting down the deed of the hotel as his gambling chips. The heroine doesn't believe it till the hero points out things that make sense to the heroine. The cherry on top was the heroine seeing her brother throw the hotel's deed on the table. The hero has the deed in his hands and proposes the "mistress" deal to the heroine. The heroine backed into a corner goes with the deal. Right then, the hero rushes her to bed and finds her flower being taken by himself. That leaves him reeling because it destroys the father's mistress theory. Things unravel when the hero catches the heroine's slip of the tongue when mentioning his half sister's name. He follows her and has his own sister introduce herself to him. Everything comes out with the heroine being a donor and why. She also reveals the mother found out the day of the crash and it's probably the reason why the crash happened in the first place. They finally do have that fight but I like how the both of them brought up their big obstacles: forgiveness and putting oneself first. I don't mean in a selfish way but asking what they want without the influence of for the family, boss, child, etc. The next morning, the hero gives the heroine the hotel's deed with another proposal of them getting married for the benefit of his half sister. The heroine rejects the whole thing heartbroken that she's become convenient then runs off. Four months fly by and with the sound advice of his formula F1 driver friend, the hero figures out that the months he's lived without the heroine are miserable because he wants to be with her. The heroine is miserable too and is surprised. The hero opens his heart and confesses his love to the heroine with a much better proposal. The heroine confesses she loves him too and we are given that happy ending. It was an alright romance.

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