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Anna Stockton never dreamed she’d find love on her trip to Italy, let alone be proposed to by the handsome and rich Lucio Ventressi. Then, just as her life seems to be going perfectly, it’s suddenly ruined when she wakes up in the bed of her fiancé ’s brother. Anna has no memory of what happened, but she knows she couldn’t have betrayed her beloved. Unfortunately, Lucio takes his brother’s word over hers. After leaving Italy, heart-broken and riddled with guilt, she finds that she’s pregnant.Four years later, her son is ill andhis life-saving surgery is unaffordable. Lucio offers to pay for the surgery, but in return Annamust become his mistress.

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Pfft.. really now 2  2

The hero is an idiot and a hypocrite as well. " He's my nephew, so I want to help out as much as I can" -- Tells Heroine he'll pay for his surgery if she agrees to be his mistress..OH HOW HEROIC AND HELPFUL MR. I just wanna help. He's so stupid seriously. Hi there bro, heres a photo of your gf sleeping alone naked..I felt bad so I took a souvenir shot for you. - Um k. really . I wanted to punch this dude. Also, why no DNA test? How stupid are these idiots to not know that condoms arent 100% ? And the girl.. how she lacks the backbone. Shes not an angel, shes a ditzy bimbo who wont stop crying every single time! The hero always finds her crying in a corner or on the floor. Cry baby!

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siblings 2  2

I am not going to lie that this one had me on edge a lot. We have a heroine and a hero who are separated because the brother of the hero claims to having sex with the heroine with photography as evidence. Personally, I would find it hard to believe, the person who you love and asked to marry or the sibling, the brother that you have grown up with and trusted. Well, as usual the hero believes the brother and kicks out the heroine who is ashamed of herself even though if memory serves right, it was the brother came with champagne that she only took a sip off then goes blurry. I have had a sip of champagne and a sip shouldn't make a person, except a child go dizzy and black out. We fast forward four years to find the heroine has had a baby that would most likely bed the brothers because she also had condoms with the hero (this is a twist). Now that little boy has a VSD, an effect that without surgery will kill him, the heroine has no way to pay and at the end of her rope. The heroine comes in all macho and angry at the heroine because of four years ago and the fact that she is sitting at a cafe, crying is a ploy to get men to come to the rescue. Then the hero points out that he's there for business and that the heroine will be returning to his bed. The heroine runs away, falls, and we get the whole flashback from their first meeting to the out on the street break up. Not to mention that the hero is the typical nine (I say ten) year senior on the heroine. I liked how the heroine had her younger sister to help her through it all, with babysitting and everything. We find out that the brother has been making up lies, saying that the heroine and him have been having an affair since meeting and that the hero has been checking up on the heroine, knowing about his "nephew" need for surgery. He uses the little boy's life-saving surgery in order to get the heroine to sleep with him and then he says, "He's my nephew, I truly do want to help out a member of my family," Are you kidding me? You say you want to help but only if you gain something out of it, that is what it sounds like to me. Then they have blackmail sex. We do see a bit of the hero's thoughts, especially when he sees the little boy and his looks are similar to his. Then proceeds to lie to the little boy, saying that he is his daddy, which shocks the heroine. The hero states that the child should have been his but couldn't because they used "protection" (condoms). I am just going to see this once, 97% effective. Then changes his mind from the original agreement to force to heroine to marry him and be a father to the little boy. His last words before kissing are, "I'm going to continue my revenge and domination...until I tire of you,". Wow, hero, you really want to make Italian men be seen as jerks. The one thing that I could find decent about the hero was his kindness to the little boy. After that, comes irony when face timing with the hero's mother and sister who have no idea about the brother incident. The woman says, "Forgive hero, okay? You had his child all along and he just abandoned you....he's a horrible father," Somehow, I feel this is an omen on the hero. I like the hero's mother, she is a sweet woman, especially spoiling the child. It's so cute. Then we meet the brother and his 9 months pregnant who is very welcoming to the heroine and I was in love with the brother's pale face because you know he is feeling negative from that night. Then the heroine realizes that she is sitting across from the brother and tries to move but the hero won't let her. Then he gets upset with her for making eyes at his brother but his brother was across from her seat, how could she not when he was in her line of vision, makes her have sex again. The brother meets the heroine and tells her a few things: 1) they didn't have sex, so the little boy is 100% hero's son, 2) the brother did the cruel act because he was jealous of his brother, 3) his jealousy led him to want to stop anything from making his brother happier and that meant ruining his brother's wedding buy ruining the heroine. The look of the heroine's face was both shock and relief for the first bit of news. The next bit of news has her wanting the brother to reveal everything but won't and there is a fight and the hero comes in. He is mad to find his brother in the bedroom with his wife and the brother runs out. This time the heroine leaves and the hero calls back his brother and gets the truth. Just as the hero is processing the whole thing, the brother says things like they're okay. Was the brother born on the star of idiots?! How is it okay, you just revealed to your own brother that you have been lying about an event that deeply scarred him? Didn't say anything when he threw out the woman who he loved and wanted to marry because you used his trust to make him miserable? Lost three years of seeing his son grow when you are so excited to see your child? Then placed all the blame on an innocent woman who did nothing to you? I was glad that unlike in the original book, the brother snapped and ended up punching the brother hard but I would have liked to see some tears from the hero to actually get the dumb brother to realize of what pain he caused his sibling. The brother thinks that an apology is an enough. One apology for each person isn't going to work. The hero has the brother tell his mother and wife everything then fires him from the family business. I don't blame him but the next few parts, I really wanted to see some deep groveling like both knees on the ground and tears from the hero. The mother keeps the hero from completely firing the brother and has him demoted to a branch in another country. I believe the mother was being fair as she could because she loved her son but was hurt by his actions. The ending page was sweet but I had such a hard time because of the misuse of trust and love between siblings not to mention what a bad j-word the hero was to the heroine.

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