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Eden always heeded her mother’s warnings when it came to love. But after meeting the charming Aristide, she couldn’t help but put those doubtful thoughts behind her. Once they married, their two worlds soon began to drive them apart. To make matters worse, a car accident has caused Aristide to lose all his memories of Eden. What once felt like a one-sided love, now feels even more so. Will Aristide’s subconscious attraction to his wife spark his memories, or has their marriage truly come to an end? Because until their love is restored, Eden is holding on to a precious secret…

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The secretary is a baboon. 3  3

In this book, we have a hero and heroine on a rocky marriage because the heroine wants a divorce from the hero but the hero won't have any thinking she should be happy with the fancy things like mansions in other countries, five star course meals everyday, and all his money. Unfortunately, the heroine only wanted the most expensive thing ( his time) which he couldn't give because he was gone for more than half of the year in New York and she being at the family home in Greece. The conversation is a slow roll downhill when the heroine and the hero are in an accident. Thankfully, the hero, heroine, and the unborn child survive but the hero is in a state of unconscious where his private secretary takes advantage of his vulnerable situation and whispers a whole bunch of lies to the hero of his wife being a witch. When the hero wakes up, he acts like a pig to the heroine and defends his secretary who tripped the heroine. We then see how our couple met, got pregnant then got married in the registry office, and the hero takes the heroine to his homeland and leaves her there. Honestly, she was upset about not getting a real proposal but she didn't demand it from him either. Then there's the fact the hero had his secretary ( the same one) pick out their wedding rings, which upset the heroine but she hid it because she didn't want to be rude to the person who bought the rings, although, I agree with flyflip87 on the secretary's actions behind the hero's back (metaphorically and literally). She did have the small mercy of loving in-laws like the hero's mother and sisters-in-laws who treated the heroine better than the hero. Even when the heroine was pregnant with their first child, the hero wouldn't make time to spend with the heroine. To the present, the hero goes to Greece with the heroine whom he hates because of all the lies he believes by the secretary and starts fawning over the boy but was more interested in being held by his mother than by the stranger. I was happy to have the mother tell the hero off on his behavior. Unfortunately, the hero blows it off, saying at least she gave him a child. I ought to have camel smacked him. I did like how the heroine resisted against intercourse when he called her by a nickname and not the one he gave her before his memory loss. He says some pretty awful things but the heroine has the last word. Then we witnessed a shocking transformation of the secretary going from glasses to breasts, shaking her fanny like a baboon in heat. It was painful to the eyes but the hero was too blind to see that because he's dumbstruck over the situation between him and the heroine. He finds out his wife has never made a presence in the hero's work performance and the baboon spreads more lies by buying a bunch of things, saying how the heroine is a materialistic person, and how she would be happy with a ring made of clovers. What rubbish and the driver knows it's all a lie. The hero comes home for christmas and the heroine tries tell the hero of the baboon's intentions but he'll have none it. The small happy thing is the hero actually buying as in going out and looking for a gift for the heroine. The gesture is so sweet to the heroine that they become intimate. It's at a party in Greece that the hero finally gets a dish of Karma from friends and family of how neglectful he has been to the heroine and how wonderful she is. To make it even better, the hero gives the heroine control over one of his company's charity division. Something that the baboon was head till now. I smiled at this and my smiler became bigger when the heroine locked the hero out of their room, forcing him to look the whole situation but the baboon tricks the hero where she plans to seduce by revealing the last conversation between the hero and heroine between the accident that she had secretly taped into the hero's pen. Hmmm. I get that she is a capable secretary but she has really gotten past strange to scary. When the hero hears the conversation, his memories come back. The lights come on and the hero finally sees the baboon for what she truly is. I was hoping for a little shouting from the hero to the baboon but the firing her in a low tone was enough. The hero goes through his thoughts sees how much he was jerk to his wife and try to get his wife back by having a wedding to show who he is marrying. It was a sweet ending.

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similar to another 4  4

The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress The Anetakis Tycoons 1 There is a secretary who wants her boss and will plot anything to get rid of the heroine. Someone loses their memories and heroine is pregnant. Obviously the hero (who lost his memories of his wife) is made to believe all the horrible things the secretary is saying, yet he doesn't think to question them even when his own family are siding with his wife. His wife became lonely because he was always away for business and his Sec. was smug about it whenever his back was turned. Only when they are actually spending time with each other and their son, does he wonder if she really is a witch like his his great-aunt. I like that a very special object jogs his memory of when he first met his wife. Btw, if it wasn't obvious yet, I HATE the secretaries in both books.

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